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Twice in a Blue Moon

Our 6-year-old is fascinated by calendars. When we discovered his interest last year, we put him in charge of marking each day off the calendar, and he’s taken that responsibility very seriously. Every morning (almost), he starts off the day by crossing out the previous day, and usually provides a commentary about our progress through […]

Every Good Gift

Recently when I was talking with my husband, our discussion turned—as conversations usually do during this time of blessings and good cheer—to the topic of preserving joyful generosity in the midst of obligations and expectations. Specifically, the question arose of what—if anything—to get our children for Christmas. Again. My suggestions ranged from the ever-popular lump […]

Paper Google

“It’s like Google on paper!” That’s a 21st-century kid’s reaction upon discovering a set of encyclopedias. One morning I was going through Ranger’s lessons with him, and his reader featured one of Donald J. Sobol’s Encyclopedia Brown stories. I consider Encyclopedia Brown mysteries to be one of the shining jewels of children’s literature. How can […]