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Bedtime Q&A | HSLDA Blog

Bedtime Q&A

3… 2… 1… “Mommy?” As predicted. I halt my closure of the bedroom door. “Yes?”  “Does it hurt really bad to have a baby?”  It is past 10:00 pm, but my oldest is sitting up in bed, nearly piercing me with the curiosity in her eyes. I suppress a sigh and open the door a […]

Confessions of a Mother Bird | HSLDA Blog

Confessions of a Mother Bird

Daisy* was near tears. “But why can’t I do it?” she protested. “I’d just like you to be a little older first, honey,” I answered, trying to choose my words carefully. “I’m not really comfortable with you doing that by yourself.” “It’s not fair!” she exclaimed. “You’re treating me like a baby. Why are you […]

The 2017 Plague of Snack Locusts

Do the right thing. Don’t do the wrong thing. Until recently, I’d have said that these statements were basically the same. Both express an important virtue that homeschooling parents want to pass on to their children. But my perspective changed after the 2017 Plague of Snack Locusts. I imagine a lot of households struggle with […]