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Get a Life

Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal: “Dust thou art, to dust returnest,” Was not spoken of the soul. Not enjoyment, and not sorrow Is our destined end or way; But to act that each to-morrow Finds us farther than to-day. ~A Psalm of Life, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Throughout […]

Garage Sale | HSLDA Blog

Garage Sale

I looked up the definition of “Garage Sale” in the dictionary, and here’s what I think it said, if I remember correctly: A sale event where you work all week to locate unused junk in the recesses of your house, and sort and label said junk. Then, you give up a whole weekend to haul […]

Bring on Summer | HSLDA Blog

Bring on Summer

I’m so glad that June comes on the heels of May. I need June in my life. May is the culmination of the school year and extra-curricular activities, with all the attending busyness. June is that wonderful, clear open month of respite and restoration. We have worked hard all year. We have earned this summer […]

On Busyness

This summer I hope you are enjoying a respite from the school-year grind. At our house we are spending lots of time in the pool, going to park concerts, and making trips to the library for summer reading. This year my kids talked me into participating in two different library summer reading programs. They just […]