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Power-Ups for a Struggling Learner | HSLDA Blog

Power-Ups for a Struggling Learner

You know what homeschooling needs? Power-Ups. By “power-ups,” I mean the cool little bonuses you get in video games. If a level is too hard, the power-up smashes through obstacles and gets you to your goal faster. (In my favorite Match-3 game, my preferred power-up is the ice-breaker lightning hammer.) What homeschooling family hasn’t needed […]

Can You See the Struggle?

I AM … A reading specialist An occupational therapist Prayerful A nutritionist Tenacious A behavioral therapist Dedicated A curriculum junkie Anxious A planner An encourager Concerned A researcher A tutor Diligent Tired Patient A survivor I am…the parent of a struggling learner. I AM … Discouraged Sensitive Anxious Bright Challenged Curious Unique Excitable Gifted Different […]