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Twice in a Blue Moon

Our 6-year-old is fascinated by calendars. When we discovered his interest last year, we put him in charge of marking each day off the calendar, and he’s taken that responsibility very seriously. Every morning (almost), he starts off the day by crossing out the previous day, and usually provides a commentary about our progress through […]

No Pets, Sorry

My poor son. There he sat at the front of the library class, the only kid not raising his hand in response to the question, “Do you have a pet at home?” We were attending one of those wild animal classes that are sometimes done at birthday parties, where kids get to learn about animal […]


Some things about your future are impossible to envision when you first become a parent and hold that sweet-scented, swaddled-up newborn in your arms. Like the fact that just nine years later you will be standing over your stove boiling romaine lettuce leaves for 10-15 minutes to make tadpole food.  Four days prior to making […]