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Rolling to a Stop: 2015-16 Year in Review

The roller-coaster ride of another school year is rolling to a close. Finally. I wrote about our school plans last August, Hang on Tight. Now the kids are finishing up their subjects while Darren clears out time to administer their end-of-year testing. (Virginia provides several different homeschooling options; we recently switched from religious exemption to […]

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The “Do” List

I bet you don’t practice “clean eating.” Or maybe you don’t exercise every day. Well, fine. Do you maintain regular devotionals and prayers, both personally and with your family? Do you also read aloud to your kids, follow current events, serve at church, go on a weekly date with your spouse, keep a clean house, grow […]

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Hurry, Hurry

Things go wrong at the most inopportune time. Why is it that, when days are extra busy, it’s on those days that everything bad happens? Those are the days when the kids move extra slowly or they put up a fight or somebody spills a whole gallon of milk on the floor, causing it to […]