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Cliques and Claques | HSLDA Blog

Cliques and Claques

What do homeschool buzzwords, political mantras, and music styles have in common? They all reflect the dynamics of a shared culture. Familiar rituals and recurring phrases can be comforting, motivating, and even inspiring to those in the know, but one downside to the friendly familiarity of accepted ritual is that—for all the coziness and sense […]

All Kinds of People | HSLDA Blog

All Kinds of People

They say that opposites attract. But for my husband and me, that’s not quite the way it worked. While I certainly wouldn’t have said we were exactly alike, some of the things I found most attractive about him were those that felt familiar: backgrounds, interests, sense of humor…They made the quirky aspects of my personality […]

Sibling Frenemies | HSLDA Blog

Sibling Frenemies

It’s often been observed that you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. In the homeschool culture in which I was raised, it was typical to emphasize the importance of making your siblings your friends. In retrospect, I think this was (partly) in reaction to the narrative perpetuated by the mainstream culture—at […]