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A Grab Bag of Useful Resources

Homeschoolers tend to be an individualistic bunch, so when looking for ways to teach our children, we often go beyond the standard lineup of textbooks and curriculum. Here’s a “grab bag” of resources that our family has found helpful recently: The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, by William Boniface (novels):  In Superopolis,everybody has a superpower . […]

Coffee and Chat with the Special Needs Consultants–Q & A Series Q: How do I teach subjects to a child with global developmental delays?

Meet your HSLDA Special Needs/Early Childhood Specialist Consultant Krisa Winn. She is a homeschooling mom to two daughters. Krisa lives in Arkansas, where she enjoys gardening, watching old movies, and also loves to sing, play the piano, and leads worship at her church. Q: How do I teach reading, math, science, and other academic subjects […]

Very Newbery Memories

“I don’t read Newbery books,” a friend said. “They’re all sad.” The Newbery Medal, first awarded in 1922, is bestowed upon “the most distinguished American children’s book published the previous year.” These are books that tackle difficult subjects that most children’s books pretend don’t exist: loss, hope, poverty, courage, death, perseverance, and maturity. Obviously they’re […]