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Power-Ups for a Struggling Learner | HSLDA Blog

Power-Ups for a Struggling Learner

You know what homeschooling needs? Power-Ups. By “power-ups,” I mean the cool little bonuses you get in video games. If a level is too hard, the power-up smashes through obstacles and gets you to your goal faster. (In my favorite Match-3 game, my preferred power-up is the ice-breaker lightning hammer.) What homeschooling family hasn’t needed […]

All Kinds of People | HSLDA Blog

All Kinds of People

They say that opposites attract. But for my husband and me, that’s not quite the way it worked. While I certainly wouldn’t have said we were exactly alike, some of the things I found most attractive about him were those that felt familiar: backgrounds, interests, sense of humor…They made the quirky aspects of my personality […]

Healing the Needy: An Interview with Amber Overstreet | Homeschool Helpers

Amber Overstreet is a homeschooling mom and a registered nurse in medical intensive care at Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  HSLDA: Amber, what does homeschooling look like for your family? What’s your favorite experience from it? Amber Overstreet: Our schedule has to be adjusted pretty often for various reasons such as my job or […]