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An Education in Nature

Because his parents never married, Leonardo da Vinci was not allowed to receive a formal education. He could not look forward to becoming a notary like his father or to holding any high office. What seemed like a very unfortunate circumstance actually turned out to be a gift. While spending hours roaming the fields surrounding […]

It All Started with “Annie”

Though not exactly “dying” to start a film career, Abigail Parker Brown did recently use her hard-earned acting skills to play dead. The otherwise lively homeschooled 17-year-old donned pale makeup and a lifeless expression as an extra in a B-movie shooting near her home in North Carolina. It was, admittedly, an unglamorous part—Abigail’s mom, Christina […]

A Kid’s-Eye View of Homeschooling

Recently I got to wondering…what do my kids think about homeschooling? I, personally, like the way we don’t sequester education into an entirely separate sphere. We learn right here in the same place where we live. I myself experienced both traditional school and homeschooling; I vastly prefer the self-paced, relaxed atmosphere of home. But do […]