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Some things about your future are impossible to envision when you first become a parent and hold that sweet-scented, swaddled-up newborn in your arms. Like the fact that just nine years later you will be standing over your stove boiling romaine lettuce leaves for 10-15 minutes to make tadpole food.  Four days prior to making […]

Planting Seeds

As I write this, the weather is finally starting to get consistently warm in our neck of the woods. So this week, it was time to get started on our little family garden. My husband grew up in farm country. Each year, he would spend many an hour helping to tend the family’s large garden. […]

Putting Down Roots

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today. Once again, the changing of the seasons decrees that it is high time to prepare the ground for planting. This isn’t new territory for us; I’ve made at least some sort of attempt at a garden every year since […]