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Companion Planting

After a late snowstorm unleashed its final attack at the end of an unseasonably warm winter, we decided to risk the elements and start our garden. Usually it seems that bringing out the summer clothes is the trigger for a final frost or snowfall, but in this case, when we swapped out the seasonal wardrobes, […]

Regressing Toward the Mean | HSLDA Blog

Regressing Toward the Mean

I remember being fascinated by the concept in statistics called “Regression toward the mean,” which involves the idea that extreme cases (of either exceptionally excellent or exceptionally dismal results) are usually mere outliers and will typically be followed up with more average and expected results. This means that a truly stellar performance does not necessarily […]

A Friend In Need

One of my standard jokes about the Book of Job is that they just don’t do pity parties like that anymore. In Biblical times, it was apparently fairly standard practice to tear one’s clothes, sprinkle ashes in one’s hair, and even literally tear one’s hair out in times of profound grief; but if you read […]

Be It Resolved | HSLDA Blog

Be It Resolved

New Year’s resolutions are so trendy that I seldom make them; I save the major overhauls for my birthday, if ever. After reading a host of fascinating and quasi-scientific books the year before last (that would be 2015, as those clever people who have already adjusted to writing the correct new year on their checks […]

The Battle for Confidence

Even though our commitment and dedication to homeschooling may be just as strong as the next parent’s, it is my observation that homeschooling is much easier for some than others. Because everyone is unique and has different strengths, weaknesses, talents, and gifts, some tend to be natural teachers, while others have to work at it […]

Get a Life

Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal: “Dust thou art, to dust returnest,” Was not spoken of the soul. Not enjoyment, and not sorrow Is our destined end or way; But to act that each to-morrow Finds us farther than to-day. ~A Psalm of Life, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Throughout […]

Fear Of Mights | HSLDA Blog

Fear Of Mights

I never used to be afraid of heights. I’ve ridden roller-coasters, flown on the flying trapeze in the circus, stood at the brink of the Grand Canyon, built campfires and perched on the edge of a cliff with my friends, and traversed the high ropes course many times at a family camp—as a teenager and […]

Routine Inspection

“Quite the contrary; they were not in bed: not in the least.” –Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Tom Kitten Some time ago, our two-year-old learned how to climb out of his crib, and life took on a substantial new layer of complexity. At first he began repeatedly leaving his bed and knocking on our door in […]