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Back to School Vignettes | HSLDA Blog

Back-to-School Vignettes

A vignette is a “brief description, account, or episode.” Otherwise known as “bite-sized blogging as the school year ramps back up.” I’m always reluctant to leave summer behind and get back into the demands of a falltime schedule. Every August, I hold out for the latest start date possible. Darren can’t wait for the new […]

Rolling to a Stop: 2015-16 Year in Review

The roller-coaster ride of another school year is rolling to a close. Finally. I wrote about our school plans last August, Hang on Tight. Now the kids are finishing up their subjects while Darren clears out time to administer their end-of-year testing. (Virginia provides several different homeschooling options; we recently switched from religious exemption to […]

Cleaning for the Prez | HSLDA Blog

Cleaning for the Prez

Something just happened to me that I don’t think will ever happen again in my life. Ever. Typically, I bemoan the reminders I have to give my kids for even basic tasks. “Sophia, that laundry pile will not fold itself.” “Meredith, how many rows of math do you have left?” “Clara, I’m glad you like […]