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I’m Game!

Kids learn best when they don’t know they’re learning. Over the years, we’ve invited our children to play games as a kind of “stealth education.” Here are a few of our favorites: Mad Libs. (Age range: kindergarten through high school.) This fill-in-the-blank game is the world’s best for learning parts of speech. Nothing motivates kids […]

Math Books We Have Loved

Teaching Early Math Through Literature (well, for a given value of literature) “There’s only room for one mouse, I mean number, in the ones column. You have to carry the other upstairs and add it with the tens column,” I told Meg one day. We were practicing adding two-digit numbers with carrying. “So which number goes […]

Slow Down | HSLDA Blog

Slow Down

It was another day of school…and another day of drama over a math problem. This month’s math challenge with my second-grader, Ginger, was learning how to carry. She had done pretty well with two digits, but when we got to three, I knew she would need a little more help. She is one of those […]