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Cliques and Claques | HSLDA Blog

Cliques and Claques

What do homeschool buzzwords, political mantras, and music styles have in common? They all reflect the dynamics of a shared culture. Familiar rituals and recurring phrases can be comforting, motivating, and even inspiring to those in the know, but one downside to the friendly familiarity of accepted ritual is that—for all the coziness and sense […]

Power-Ups for a Struggling Learner | HSLDA Blog

Power-Ups for a Struggling Learner

You know what homeschooling needs? Power-Ups. By “power-ups,” I mean the cool little bonuses you get in video games. If a level is too hard, the power-up smashes through obstacles and gets you to your goal faster. (In my favorite Match-3 game, my preferred power-up is the ice-breaker lightning hammer.) What homeschooling family hasn’t needed […]


Connecting with Patients: An Interview with Kim Tackson | Homeschool Helpers

Kim Tackson is an emergency room nurse and cardiac stress testing nurse. Kim’s husband is a firefighter. The Tacksons have two young children, whom they homeschool. HSLDA: What does homeschooling look like for your family? What’s your favorite experience from it? Kim Tackson: I currently homeschool my 5-year-old daughter. My 2-year-old son participates, but obviously […]


Asking Questions, Saving Lives: An Interview with Andrew Knight | Homeschool Helpers

Andrew Knight is a Probationary Volunteer Fire Fighter at the Dundee Fire Department in Dundee, Oregon. He is also a junior mechanical engineering student at George Fox University. HSLDA: Andrew, what was your childhood homeschool experience like? What’s your best experience from it? Andrew Knight: In addition to our normal studies of arithmetic, English, history, […]


Teaching Outside the Box: An Interview with Alicia Snyder | Homeschool Helpers

Alicia Snyder is a Special Education Paraeducator, LRE. She works at Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet school, which teaches students in both English and Spanish. Alicia reads, writes, and speaks Spanish fluently. HSLDA: Alicia, what was your childhood homeschool experience like? What’s your best experience from it? Alicia Snyder: My childhood homeschool experience was full […]

The Discipline of Discipline | HSLDA Blog

The Discipline of Discipline

What do you think of when you hear the word “discipline”? If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking of time-outs, spankings, and other such methods of punishment. Fortunately, I am not here to debate controversial parenting topics today, but rather to consider a broader definition of the word “discipline” and what it means for us […]