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Laziness and Labor | HSLDA Blog

Laziness and Labor

“All it saves is time, son. And what good is time, with nothing to do? You want to sit and twiddle your thumbs, all these stormy winter days?” –Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder In the Little House series, there’s a telling contrast in worldviews between Almanzo’s Father in Farmer Boy and Laura’s Pa in […]

What Is Holding You Back?

While sorting out fall clothes recently, I got carried away with the seasonal tidying bout, and in the process of neatening and de-cluttering some drawers, I had a eureka moment. With one simple fix, I changed the course of my mornings for the foreseeable future. By way of background, ever since we moved in, my […]

The “Do” List

I bet you don’t practice “clean eating.” Or maybe you don’t exercise every day. Well, fine. Do you maintain regular devotionals and prayers, both personally and with your family? Do you also read aloud to your kids, follow current events, serve at church, go on a weekly date with your spouse, keep a clean house, grow […]