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History and Camping | HSLDA Blog

History and Camping

Two books inspired me to plan a family camping trip. First, The Gift of Enough by Marianne Miller, which has also impacted my parenting and overall philosophy of life. It’s about how necessary it is to teach kids what “enough” is if we ever want them to be happy. It doesn’t matter how much money […]

No-Hurry Heritage Studies | HSLDA Blog

No-Hurry Heritage Studies

One of the best things about raising kids is passing on our spiritual and national heritage. Obviously our Christian faith is of utmost priority; that’s a major reason why we homeschool them. But it doesn’t stop there. Our calendars are filled with holidays, national observances, special days, and historical events. We have so much to […]

Back to School Vignettes | HSLDA Blog

Back-to-School Vignettes

A vignette is a “brief description, account, or episode.” Otherwise known as “bite-sized blogging as the school year ramps back up.” I’m always reluctant to leave summer behind and get back into the demands of a falltime schedule. Every August, I hold out for the latest start date possible. Darren can’t wait for the new […]

Meg Directs a Siege | HSLDA Blog

Meg Directs a Siege

We had a perfectly adequate summer off, doing Vacation Bible School and, um, trips to the hospital, and when the second week of August hit, I up and started our school. We obviously weren’t getting any more summer accomplished, and I thought maybe if we started fall activities, summer would go away and leave us […]