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History and Camping | HSLDA Blog

History and Camping

Two books inspired me to plan a family camping trip. First, The Gift of Enough by Marianne Miller, which has also impacted my parenting and overall philosophy of life. It’s about how necessary it is to teach kids what “enough” is if we ever want them to be happy. It doesn’t matter how much money […]

Avoid Burn Out | HSLDA Blog

Avoiding Burn-Out

“I only have another ten years,” she said rather sadly. I hadn’t seen my friend in years, and as we were catching up, I was lamenting (actually complaining) about my recent empty-nest status. Geni, the mother of 11 children who has been homeschooling for 26 years, was sad that she only had ten years of […]

Making Memories | HSLDA Blog

Making Memories

Homeschooling is about so much more than academics. The real value lies not in just learning facts, but in training the mind to think and instilling the love of learning through adventures and shared experiences. Kids often love contests because it offers them the opportunity to do something different – often for a good cause […]