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Blessing the Beginning

What do weddings, graduations, and sitting in the back yard the day before Labor Day have in common? For the Jones House, they’re all rituals that give closure to what went before, and get us ready for what’s ahead. Granted, our backyard meeting doesn’t have quite the weight of a wedding or graduation. But it’s […]

Fall Fun | HSLDA Blog

Fall Fun

“When I am in the country, I never wish to leave it; and when I am in town it is pretty much the same. They have each their advantages, and I can be equally happy in either.” ~ Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen Just as Bingley fancied both London and the country best while he was […]

Ups and Downs

As I write this, basking in the bright sunshine of a crisp fall day, I hear the happy sounds of children at play wafting through the air, for I have opened the windows and turned off the HVAC in an attempt both to freshen our air supply and trim our electric bill. (Who cares if […]