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Don't Worry, Be Happy | HSLDA Blog

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I didn’t get your note until 10.45, to be precise. Don’t be precise—and don’t worry. As helpful advice goes, some people might find it pretty encouraging, but that advice would never fly with me, as I derive great satisfaction from being precise. I recently read through an interesting—albeit rather technical—book, and one sentence leapt out […]

Because English

As Amy wrote recently, she’s tired of teaching phonics. I sympathize. When Bookgirl was learning to read, she also struggled with sensory issues. She didn’t adapt well to change—whether it was a change in location, the schedule, or the rules. One afternoon after a grocery trip, she read the word “double” on a sign. But […]

Phonics Again

When I first thought about teaching my oldest child to read, I was filled with much excitement and, I will admit, a little nervousness. After all, reading is so important to future learning, not to mention lifelong enrichment. I wondered if everything would go well.  My mother-in-law had successfully homeschooled her children and taught them […]