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Crafts and Love

I write this post at the risk of alienating the readership. It seems like most women enjoy crafts. I do not. Doing crafts with my children is a labor of love, simply put. You might think I’m jaded, but I think it’s a lot of work to plan for crafts and it can be a […]

Our Foray into 4-H

In a week, I went from loathing 4-H—and thinking that we would certainly be 4-H dropouts—to deciding that we definitely need to do it again next year! The motto of 4-H is to develop young people’s heads, hearts, hands, and health. Thus, the four Hs. Kids in 4-H work on projects to be judged and […]

What Do You Love To Do?

About five years ago, I got really tired of talking about potty training and math curriculum. Obviously a group of homeschool moms will discuss children and school; it’s what we’ve all got in common. But after a decade of the same topics, I realized that these conversations rarely went beyond the surface. There was a […]