6 Ways to Celebrate Constitution Day with Your Family | HSLDA Store 40% Off SALE!

Constitution Day is fast approaching! This Sunday, September 17th, marks the 230th anniversary of the momentous signing of the US constitution! Constitution Day encourages us to reflect on our nation’s history and the privileges we enjoy today due to the faithful work of the men who painstakingly labored to preserve our freedom. Here are some […]

What about Socialization?

Today let’s talk about the infamous question, “What about socialization?” It’s funny to me that when people find out we homeschool, they never inquire about substantive academics. Like, “What about math? Are you sure that you possess adequate skills to teach STEM subjects in this advanced technological age?” But people are concerned that our homeschooled […]

Homeschooling After Harvey

Images and reports are still pouring in from Texas and Louisiana of the horrific devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Here at HSLDA, our hearts break for the families affected by the destruction. We anticipated that many homeschooling families would need replacement curriculum and educational supplies, but the devastation has created even more unexpected challenges. Yesterday, […]

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