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Outside the Box Solution Nets Homeschooler a Shot at College Lacrosse

The lack of a local team didn’t stop this homeschooled athlete from earning a slot on a college lacrosse roster. This coming spring, 19-year-old Derrick Shealy will fulfill his goal of playing college lacrosse, an opportunity that almost didn’t materialize because of roadblocks that other homeschooling families may find all too familiar. North Carolina laws […]

It All Started with “Annie”

Though not exactly “dying” to start a film career, Abigail Parker Brown did recently use her hard-earned acting skills to play dead. The otherwise lively homeschooled 17-year-old donned pale makeup and a lifeless expression as an extra in a B-movie shooting near her home in North Carolina. It was, admittedly, an unglamorous part—Abigail’s mom, Christina […]

Living for More Than Just Ourselves: An Interview with Bo Stapler | Homeschool Helpers

Living for More Than Just Ourselves: An Interview with Bo Stapler | Homeschool Helpers

Bo Stapler’s brother Jack only lived for 20 months, but he inspired Bo to spend his life helping others. Now Bo, a homeschool grad and physician, is honoring his brother’s legacy by giving his patients the treatment they need and the love they deserve. Hear Bo’s story on Homeschool Heartbeat. Mike Smith: I’m joined today by Bo […]

A Passion for Justice: 9-1-1 and Dispatch: An Interview with Anna Wilke | Homeschool Helpers

As a 9-1-1 call taker and police dispatcher, Anna Wilke hears about terrible things every day—and she has a hard time explaining them to her friends and family. But that hasn’t stifled this homeschool grad’s passion for helping people. Hear Anna’s story on Homeschool Heartbeat. Mike Smith: My guest today is Anna Wilke. She’s a homeschool graduate […]

A Real Love of Helping: An Interview with Jonathan Elving | Homeschool Helpers

A Real Love of Helping: An Interview with Jonathan Elving | Homeschool Helpers

Jonathan Elving is a 911 dispatcher and EMT. He also volunteers at Chisholm Trail Fire Rescue in Dale, Texas. HSLDA: Jonathan, what was your childhood homeschool experience like? What’s your best experience from it? Jonathan Elving: Mostly I got up around 9:00am and did school until about 2:30 or 3:00pm, then built tree forts and […]

Healing the Needy: An Interview with Amber Overstreet | Homeschool Helpers

Amber Overstreet is a homeschooling mom and a registered nurse in medical intensive care at Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  HSLDA: Amber, what does homeschooling look like for your family? What’s your favorite experience from it? Amber Overstreet: Our schedule has to be adjusted pretty often for various reasons such as my job or […]