A Passion for Justice: 9-1-1 and Dispatch: An Interview with Anna Wilke | Homeschool Helpers

As a 9-1-1 call taker and police dispatcher, Anna Wilke hears about terrible things every day—and she has a hard time explaining them to her friends and family. But that hasn’t stifled this homeschool grad’s passion for helping people. Hear Anna’s story on Homeschool Heartbeat. Mike Smith: My guest today is Anna Wilke. She’s a homeschool graduate […]

Veterans Day 2016 | HSLDA Blog

Honoring Our Veterans

“When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?” -George Canning Today we come together as a nation to honor and celebrate our heroes who have sacrificed their time and their lives to faithfully serve this great Nation. These brave men and women have fought for our freedoms and rights as citizens of the United States of America. Including such freedoms as our […]

Tooth or Consequences | HSLDA Blog

Tooth or Consequences

In our home, we have a healthy regard for fairy tales. I grew up reading Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm’s (appropriately named) Fairy Tales, as well as a wealth of myths and legends from such diverse sources as Beowulf, the New Junior Classics, and Greek and Roman mythology. My husband was similarly well-read, although he […]

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