Homeschooling Back on the Campaign Trail: Trump Speaks at Values Voter Summit

Presidential candidate Donald Trump mentioned homeschooling for the first time at the Family Research Council’s annual Values Voter Summit last weekend. In the middle of a discussion on education and school choice, Trump said, “School choice means that parents can homeschool their children. 100%.”  (You can watch the video below, with Mr. Trump’s remarks around the […]


Teaching Outside the Box: An Interview with Alicia Snyder | Homeschool Helpers

Alicia Snyder is a Special Education Paraeducator, LRE. She works at Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet school, which teaches students in both English and Spanish. Alicia reads, writes, and speaks Spanish fluently. HSLDA: Alicia, what was your childhood homeschool experience like? What’s your best experience from it? Alicia Snyder: My childhood homeschool experience was full […]

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