Loving the Unlovable: An Interview with Rachel Dinkledine | Homeschool Helpers

Rachel Dinkledine is a registered nurse at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, IN. HSLDA: Rachel, what was your childhood homeschool experience like? What’s your best experience from it? Rachel Dinkledine: My parents made learning fun as much as possible, leading me to beg my mom to teach me to read well before kindergarten. My parents […]

No-Hurry Heritage Studies | HSLDA Blog

No-Hurry Heritage Studies

One of the best things about raising kids is passing on our spiritual and national heritage. Obviously our Christian faith is of utmost priority; that’s a major reason why we homeschool them. But it doesn’t stop there. Our calendars are filled with holidays, national observances, special days, and historical events. We have so much to […]

Seeing People, Not Problems: An Interview with Colin Mennega | Homeschool Helpers

Seeing People, Not Problems: An Interview with Colin Mennega | Homeschool Helpers

As a firefighter, Colin Mennega has had many unique experiences. But for this homeschool dad, the best part of his job isn’t running into burning buildings or even rescuing cats. Hear Colin’s story on today’s Homeschool Heartbeat. Mike Smith: I’m joined today by Colin Mennega. He’s a firefighter and a homeschool dad. Colin, welcome to the program! […]

Cargo Cults and Good Results | HSLDA Blog

Cargo Cults and Good Results

Recently I was pondering the question of how to determine what qualities or actions will lead to a superior homeschooling experience. It can be so easy for aspiring homeschoolers to look at a “successful” student or school program and draw incorrect conclusions about what must have been the secret to success, without realizing the behind-the-scenes […]


Teaching Kids to Learn with Pride: An Interview with Kara Siemens | Homeschool Helpers

Kara Siemens is a 5th and 6th grade math teacher and math and science curriculum specialist at the Arkansas School for the Deaf (ASD) in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is also the sponsor for the school’s Upper Elementary after-school Robotics Club and Movie Making Club. Kara recently achieved National Board Certification as an Early Childhood […]


Just Being (Not) Me

“You can be anything you want to be!” God never said this, as far as I know. He designed us in a maddeningly specific and personal way. However, it’s the central promise of children’s shows and Facebook memes. I’m already a writer, wife, mom, and homeschooler, and I’m happy with that. But sometimes I’d like […]

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