Things that Don’t Get Done

2018_12 - Things that Don't Get Done_Amy Koons.jpg

Every year, as Christmas approaches, I think, “This is the year!  I will finally make ornaments for a Jesse Tree and every night we will sit serenely around a candlelit table, mugs of hot tea in hand, and share in this meaningful advent commemoration.  We will make memories that will last a lifetime.”

Who am I trying to fool?

I don’t have time for this kind of crafting, especially post-Thanksgiving.   At this point, I might even be tempted to just buy the pre-made ornaments online, except for the fact that I am really stubborn.  Even though I do not personally enjoy doing crafts, I want to make my own because it will be more special.  Plus, I have already bought all the supplies.

[Maybe if I start in January, the ornaments will finally get done in time for Christmas 2019.  Brilliant idea!  I will put it on my calendar for January.]

Do you ever have months, or even years, where all the projects you want to accomplish get put on the back burner, because all you seem to be able to do is put out the immediate fires?

I like to read books on a variety of topics, and especially listen to a lot of audio books while I do chores around the house.  I have read a lot of books about success, as the world defines it.  So yes, I know.  I am supposed to be a person who is proactive and not reactive.

I don’t like being the lady who doesn’t feel fully prepared and has to react to things that come up.  But, sometimes, that’s just Real Life.

I have thought about the big picture of my life and specific goals.  And I do have a ten-year plan, thank-you-very-much.  But sometimes life is more about trying to survive the next ten hours—or even the next ten minutes—rather than the ten-year plan.

Last month, sometime around the time I bought the supplies to make the Jesse Tree ornaments, normal life came to a halt.

Two days before Thanksgiving my husband had knee surgery.  Then we hosted 24 people for Thanksgiving, including some neighbors.  All of this was followed by a family birthday celebration where I tried my best to make my six-year-old son’s birthday wishes come true.  It wasn’t a fancy celebration, but it was important to him.  So I tried my best to make it special in the ways he cared about most.  And of course, I had to have my shopping list fully brain-stormed and written out, so I could grab those Cyber Monday deals, ‘cuz if my shopping doesn’t happen then, it likely will not happen at all.

2018_12 - I managed to get one picture during our crazy-busy week_Amy Koons.jpg

I managed to get one picture during our crazy-busy week—the cute kids at their Thanksgiving table. 

My head is still spinning from that doozy of a week in November.  The surgery wounds are almost fully healed.  The turkey was re-purposed into at least five different meals.  Birthday memories were made.  The Amazon Prime boxes are still sitting in my bedroom, unopened.  And I am still trying to recover.

As I write these words, I imagine how calm life will (hopefully) be in January.  Hopefully I will be sitting by the hearth, working on Jesse Tree ornaments for Christmas 2019.

But, who knows?  I might be putting out other fires then, too.  Such is life sometimes.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of author.

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