CLOSED GIVEAWAY | Celebrating Mother’s Day!

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“All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”
― George Washington

Mothering—it’s a beautiful gift! In the day to day, it can be easy to forget, but mothers, what you are doing has such an incredible, lasting impact. Don’t underestimate it!

And the best part? You don’t have to be perfect! The more I see of life, the more I believe that adulting isn’t about never making mistakes but how you handle those mistakes when they happen. By being open, real, and available to your kids, you are modeling invaluable life lessons that will shape and stay with them all their life.

We know it’s big job, and it’s not always easy, but it’s all so worth it!

And now, give yourself a break and relax! Moms, you need time to rest and take care of YOU! If you feel overwhelmed by the idea, check out these two encouraging blog posts that remind us why it’s okay and even important to take a little time off: Why Your Homeschool Needs a Rest Time and 10 Reasons You Can Say Yes to Taking a Break.

Finally, we at HSLDA want to offer our own thanks to you for the hard work you do . . . by offering a giveaway! See below for details on the prize and how to enter:

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We’re offering a basketful of goodies including chocolate, a candle, soap, lotion, and other spa items!


  1. Comment on this blog post or email and tell us either a) what you are doing to celebrate Mother’s Day or, b) share a moment that touched your mother’s heart recently.
  2. Click this Giveaway link and sign in using your Facebook or email address
  3. Click the “Leave a blog post comment” drop-down button and click “I commented!”

The winner for this giveaway will be chosen at random. But in order to qualify for this giveaway, the entrant must comment on this blog post or email ( with their comment before the giveaway deadline. The giveaway runs from May 12, 2018 at 11:59 am EST to May 17, 2018 at 11:59am EST.

HSLDA employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the giveaway. The winners will each be notified via the email address they use to enter into the giveaway. So please be sure to use a working email address when entering.

If a winner does not respond to HSLDA’s prize notification within 24 hours, that entry will be discarded and a new winner will be drawn, with the same response rules applying. For questions or comments concerning this giveaway, please email HSLDA’s Social Media Assistant, Anna Soltis at


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17 thoughts on “CLOSED GIVEAWAY | Celebrating Mother’s Day!

  1. We went to church, I battled my screaming 20-month old in the nursery the whole time, we came home and my husband took a nap while I cooked dinner and prepared dessert for my family after being promised a day of rest. Just another day of mothering!

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  2. We celebrated Mother’s Day as a family. Our four girls (19, 18, 9 & 5) made a nice brunch and then helped plant flower beds. It was exactly what I wanted – a nice, cooperative day with plenty of sunshine and limited bickering!

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  3. I lost my Mother 2 years ago. Since then, it has been tough. I spent the day surrounded by 7 of my children. We sat outside most of the day and just talked and rested. We didn’t watch tv or use our electronics. We just fellowshiped and enjoyed being together. I felt loved!🌼🌼

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  4. This was a bittersweet Mother’s Day for me. It was my first one without my grown daughter, she lives in a different state now. However, we still had a blessed day with my son. We went to church, walked around the mall, had lunch, & just spent the day together. A simple day, but blessed nonetheless.

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  5. We usually have a very low-key Mother’s Day. My oldest just turned 8 and thinks he is too tough for his mama, but yesterday, he cuddled up next to me for a long time. We just sat and I told him about being his mama all these years. It was so nice to have a little bonding time with him.

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  6. We usually have a low-key Mother’s Day. My oldest is 8 and thinks he is too tough for his mama. Yesterday, he snuggled up to me for a long time and I told him about being his mama all these years. I treasure the bonding time with him.

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  7. Woke up to homemade cards from my four sweet boys. My hubby and kiddos took me to breakfast and we went to church. Visited with several friends after church. Went to my inlaws for flowers, cards, and hugs delivery for my mom in law. Home for a quick change of clothes and off to my parent’s house. My dad and hubby made delicious ribs, mac n cheese, poppers, and served my potatoe salad I made the night before. Lots of relaxing and a romantic ride with my hubby on a gator through the woods. My sister bought pies for dessert and then it was time to pack up to head home. The kids were worn out, so straight to bed they went. And my hubby and I enjoyed each other until we fell asleep. It was an amazingly blessed day!

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  8. Mother’s Day is not an easy day for me as I cannot spend it with all of my children since two of them are in heaven. I want the day to be low key, but we try to do something fun as a family and visit the cemetery. My husband had to work yesterday morning and then spent the majority of the afternoon/evening fixing his car. I was able to go out for breakfast with my kiddos and take them to Sunday school, and as a family we went to the local children’s museum for about an hour. So not a Hallmark Mother’s Day, but still a good day!

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  9. We celebrated mother’s day by eating dinner and go to my son’s favorite arcade store. A week before mother’s day, he’s counting the days and telling me that he will buy me chocolate and dress as a gift. He’s so sweet and I’m lucky to be his mom.

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  10. We had an open house (relocating for husband’s job) and played case manager for my 90 yo Gpa that landed in the hospital for an infection. 😦


  11. Well, interestingly enough, what I’m sharing is something you’ve commented on in your post. Just the other day I was speaking with my 15 year old daughter about how I love her and she replied in kind, but then I said “even though I mess up and make mistakes.” And she commented in the affirmative and gave much grace and understanding. It was a great moment of sharing and caring, which is a blessing to this mom because I know I have done my fair share of failing in this role through the years. It’s nice to hear I’ve done some things right as well.

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