Music to Our Ears: Help in Your Homeschool Journey

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Susan can’t figure out how to academically engage one of her four children. Just like many of us, she has that one child that just doesn’t learn as easily as the others and struggles to stay focused and on task. She tearfully asks me how she can be such a failure when her heart’s deepest desire is for her children to love learning. She then explains that she was public schooled and doesn’t feel comfortable using anything other than the traditional textbook methods.

Although Pam was homeschooled herself, she lacks confidence and expresses her insecurities because she can’t homeschool like her mom did. Her mom was ultra-organized and loved schedules. Although Pam is just as committed and conscientious, she tends to be a bit of a free spirit, which translates into not accomplishing quite as much book work as her mom used to. On the contrary, Pam enjoys science experiments, field trips, and spending lots of time outdoors doing nature studies.

Rachel loves homeschooling – she just exudes enthusiasm! She is creative and unconventional and everyone thinks she is the perfect homeschooler. But as high school rolls around, she contacts HSLDA’s education consultants because she can’t figure out how to quantify her hands-on, Charlotte Mason-style and experiential-based learning into grades and ultimately a transcript. She wonders, “Will it be enough?”

Erin just pulled her 10th grader out of public school and is just starting to homeschool for the first time. She is upbeat, excited, and scared silly. In her heart, she knows this is the best thing for her son but doesn’t even know where to begin. She is looking for a secular curriculum that won’t cost her an arm and a leg.

What do all these homeschooling moms have in common? Just like you, they are loving moms who passionately care about their kids’ education and want the absolute best for them, but they are just not sure how to make it all happen. So, they are all successfully homeschooling with the sustaining support of the Home School Legal Defense Association!

Home School LEGAL Defense Association, you say? You may be thinking, “I don’t need legal help.” But did you know HSLDA is way more than our amazing and dedicated legal team?

As one of HSLDA’s Education Consultants, I talk to homeschooling families and hear stories like these every single day. Each and every one of the HSLDA Education Consultant team feels very blessed to provide guidance, assistance, resources, and sometimes just a much needed listening-ear to our valued members. While some of us have graduated our homeschoolers, others are still in the throes of their homeschooling journeys.

Almost daily, a member is thanking us and telling us how they couldn’t do it without us. Now THAT is music to our ears!

We are here to help you THRIVE in your homeschooling, not just survive!

Let’s take a quick look at each consultant department:

  • Whether your child is struggling with attention difficulties, learning disabilities (dysgraphia—difficulty writing, dyslexia—difficulty reading, dyscalculia—difficulty with numbers and arithmetic, just to name a few), autism, medical situations, or any other special challenges, our Special Needs Consultants are here to support and advise you. Not only do all the consultants have professional and educational expertise, but they all have personal, hands-on experience as they are each homeschooling their own struggling learner. So you can relax and rest in the assurance that you do not have to figure this out alone! 
  • Just getting started? Looking for resources on a budget? Is your current curriculum just not quite right? Need some ideas? Wondering what to do about preschool or how to juggle teaching more than one child at the same time? Are you needing a little help getting dinner on the table the same day you homeschool? Our Toddlers to Tweens Consultants are here to assist you with our expertise, vast resources, contagious enthusiasm, and many combined years of experience. 
  • Our High School Consultants feel privileged to walk alongside our members, providing the practical nuts and bolts so that you can present your students with a legal and professional transcript and diploma. We have all homeschooled our teens through high school and know it can feel overwhelming. We know the apprehension of wondering if we have done enough during the high school years and the absolute joy of seeing our teens take flight as they enter college, trade schools, and careers. Relying on the High School Consultants to provide encouragement and support as you teach, document, and prepare your teen for high school graduation is just one of the many benefits of being an HSLDA member. And, don’t forget, the High School consultants even provide transcript reviews!

Yes, Homeschooling Has Its Ups and Downs

There are days/seasons we feel confident and excited, and others can feel like a disaster and we wonder how we can go on. Well, HSLDA is here to remind you that YOU CAN DO THIS! We’ve got your back! We are ON YOUR TEAM and are your most enthusiastic cheerleaders! But the question is, are you on OUR team?

Join the HSLDA family today and let us help you thrive and finish well!

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Photo Credit: Graphic design by Anna Soltis.

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