What’s Your Story? | NEW Wallpaper & Printable

12 Months of Joy-September_Final

From campfire tales, to grandparents’ artfully spun yarns, to captivating books, to your own life narrative, stories make up the fabric of our lives.

Stories lead us outside our own experiences to be challenged and enriched by the broader world of ideas and people.

They inspire through tales of adventure and heroism, offer rapport with relatable characters, and nurture empathy for others in life conditions different from our own.

Whether you curl up with a classic or take the time to have a meaningful conversation with a friend or stranger, we hope your September is filled with enriching stories.

September’s wallpaper and printable are designed to remind you that stories are powerful. Your story counts!


Is your favorite device a phone, tablet, or desktop—or a chalkboard . . . or your wall? You’ll find our free September digital wallpaper in a size to fit, along with a Facebook cover photo and an 8″ x 10″ printable.

Please feel free to share these inspiring images with your friends and family using this link:  hslda.org/12MonthsOfJoy. 

May the riches of stories bless you this season!

-Your HSLDA Team

Photo Credit: Anna Soltis.

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