The World Awaits | June Adventure Wallpaper and Printable

june wallpaper.png

As the days lengthen, spring’s pale hues transform into the deep greens of summer and sparkling fireflies join twinkling stars in the lingering twilight.

Kids (and adults) find their feet wriggling free from shoes and their shoulders shrugging off jackets to escape into the soft grass and balmy breezes outside.

June often ushers in a joyful, exciting sense of freedom—which you can bring to your screen with this month’s free wallpaper.

Spark your adventurous side with our new June The World Awaits images, designed by a homeschooling mom to inspire and encourage you. You can also check out our previous beautiful and creative designs from this year and 2016—scroll down to June 2016 to find the Go Out with Joy wallpaper pictured in the photo above.

Our wallpaper downloads come in varying sizes to fit your needs, and are available for Facebook and even as a print-out to go on your wall. You are welcome to download as many versions as you’d like.


june free download button

We’d love if you’d share these inspiring images with your friends and family:

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