Fresh-Picked Just for You! | May Bloom Wallpaper & Printable


Here’s to you, Mom! You may not feel amazing, but you are. As a mom, you are constantly doing things to encourage those around you to flourish. We want to take a moment to celebrate you and offer you a gift to nourish your soul.

There’s nothing like adding a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers to bring an oasis of peace and beauty to any room. And flowers can have the same effect on our screens.

Flowers quietly remind us of the importance of simply being present, enjoying the moment, and saying out loud “I love you” or “Thank you.” They have short lives in the grand scheme of things, but they make a powerful impact on every life they touch—whether it’s a bee, a butterfly, a humming bird, or a human.

Each flower brings its own unique fragrance, exquisitely soft petals, distinctive foliage, and particular colors.

Treat yourself to fresh flowers every day with our delightful new May Bloom images, designed by a homeschooling mom to encourage and inspire you. Or check out our previous beautiful designs—scroll down to May 2016 to find the Woman of Valor and Many Hats You Wear wallpaper pictured in the photo above.

We know that every mom has a different way of staying organized, so whether your favorite device is a phone, tablet, or desktop (or a chalkboard . . . or your wall!), you’ll find our free May digital wallpaper in your size, along with an 8″ x 10″ printable. If you’re on Facebook, try out our cover photo. Download as many versions as you like!



Please feel free to share these inspiring images with your friends and family using this link:!

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