CLOSED GIVEAWAY | Celebrating Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

Celebrating Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Week | HSLDA Blog

Celebrating Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Week | HSLDA Blog

In honor of Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Week (April 24-28) we here at HSLDA want you to know that you are VALUED and that what you do MATTERS.

To celebrate homeschool teachers all over the world, we are hosting a giveaway of 5 gifts to support and encourage homeschooling teachers from all stages of homeschooling. We are also including a few fun and easy ways for kids and their dads (or moms) to encourage their favorite homeschool teacher.


1. MAKE HOMEMADE CARDS to show your favorite teacher how much you care. Check out these ideas for mom (or dad) below and on our Pinterest board: Teacher Appreciation Week

BLG SZ - HTA Week 2017 - 3 - CK - HSLDA Blog

2. PAMPER HER. Pamper your homeschool teacher with:

BLG SZ - HTA Week 2017 - 4 - CK - HSLDA Blog

3. MAKE (and eat) GOOD FOOD. Whether it be breakfast (or lunch) in bed, a picnic, or a simple family dinner around the kitchen table, step up your culinary game with a few of these simple but delicious recipes

From a picnic outside to a fun day on the town, everyone’s celebration looks a little different. Check out some more of our ideas to help your planning and let your favorite teacher know just how appreciated and celebrated they are. In case your favorite homeschool teacher is Dad, find fun activities on Pinterest that will show Dad how grateful you are for his love, time, and sacrifice. View our Teacher Appreciation Week Pinterest board!



April 27 is Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day, and we’re celebrating with a giveaway. There will be 5 winners, and each winner will receive one of the 5 gifts below:


  • CD – Keith & Kristyn Getty’s Facing a Task Unfinished. Featuring songs My Worth is Not in What I own (with Fernando Ortega), We Believe, Beyond These Shores (with John Patitucci), Living Waters, and more.


  • Women and the Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Metaxas. 7 Women explores the questions, what makes a great women great?, by telling captivating stories of seven women who changed the course of history.


  • Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman. Gospel meditations for busy moms. In this encouraging book, Gloria Furman helps moms to reorient their vision of motherhood around what the Bible teaches.
  • Joy – a godly woman’s adornment by Lydia Brownback. On-the-go perceptive devotionals for those who face the challenge to “fit it all in”.


  • Gratitude – a prayer and praise coloring journal. This is my favorite gift of the lot. It is a 110 page journal of coloring pages, devotionals, biblical truth, and encouraging words. 


  1. Comment on our blog post and tell us either a) what you are doing to celebrate your Homeschool Teacher, or b) the ways you would like to be appreciated this Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day.
  2. Click the GIVEAWAY link below and sign in using your Facebook or email address
  3. Click the “Leave a blog post comment” drop-down button and click “I commented!”

ENTER HSLDA’S Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day GIVEAWAY


SQ - HTA Week 2017 - 1 - CK - HSLDA Blog

The 5 winners for this giveaway will be chosen at random. But in order to qualify for this giveaway, the entrant must comment on this blog post or email ( with their comment before the giveaway deadline. The giveaway runs from April 25, 2017 at 12:00pm EST to April 27, 2017 at 11:59pm EST.

HSLDA employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the giveaway. The winners will each be notified via the email address they use to enter into the giveaway. So please be sure to use a working email address when entering.

If a winner does not respond to HSLDA’s prize notification within 24 hours, that entry will be discarded and a new winner will be drawn, with the same response rules applying. Entrants will receive information about homeschooling news and resources from HSLDA. We value your privacy and will never sell or share your information. You may unsubscribe at any time.

For questions or comments concerning this giveaway, please email HSLDA’s Media Relations Rep, Charity Klicka:

143 thoughts on “CLOSED GIVEAWAY | Celebrating Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

  1. We are celebrating just by doing more reading and spending time together. We’re very blessed to be able to homeschool 😁 Thanks for the great giveaway!!


  2. I’m blessed to live this life and spend time with my children. That’s appreciation enough for me. Although, not having to cook dinner would be kind of nice😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for sharing, Jacque. Not having to cook dinner once ‘n a while is definitely a wonderful thing 🙂
      Congratulations on winning 1 of the 5 giveaway items. You will be receiving an email from us shortly with more details.


  3. I would live to have dinner out. Though I must say that I usually feel pretty appreciated by the kids. They are grateful for their homeschool lives.


  4. I am so grateful to be able to homeschool my girls. I will be celebrating with extra snuggles. (Although I would not say, “no,” to a night off of cooking with dinner at a restaurant.)


  5. I didn’t even know it was Homeschool Teacher Appriecation Week, so I don’t currently have any plans to celebrate. Maybe I can come up with something — but they all sound like more work for me, ha ha! I would love it if one of my kids cooked for me! ❤


  6. Hello All,
    Happy Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day!
    I wasn’t planning anything “special” to celebrate. I do think it’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on WHAT and WHY we do what we do (as if we don’t do A LOT of that LOL).🤔🙄☺ I also know how important it is to offer WORD’S OF ENCOURAGEMENT to all of the Homeschool Teacher’s we PERSONALLY KNOW !!!

    May God’s ❤ and Blessings be with through your Homeschool Journey and Beyond!!!



  7. Although I’m our children’s primary teacher, my husband is right beside me supporting me, offering suggestions, and always has a listening ear. I would not have tackled this without him, he believes in me and our children and God’s plan for us. So my husband is my favorite homeschool teacher, I couldn’t do it without you Babe.


  8. We plan to eat dinner at Chipotle and take advantage of their buy one get one free meal for teachers from 3:00pm to close on May 2nd. Don’t forget to bring your hslda membership/teacher card to receive the special😊


  9. Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day?! How nice, I love the idea! I would love a letter or a picture of appreciation, though dinner out would be heavenly right!? But I will plan an extra special read aloud time because my boys love it and so do I!


  10. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day! It also happens to be my birthday, so I’m hoping for some fun, relaxing times with my family, and maybe a little cake too. 🙂 I would also love some notes from my kids telling me what they enjoy about being homeschooled. Sometimes it can feel like a thankless job being mom AND teacher, but I know it is so worth it and will reap blessings as the “race” is run!


  11. I’m not really sure how I’d want to be appreciated. I guess maybe the kids cleaning up their toys so we can have more fun together in the playroom/learning play center.


  12. Homeschool Teacher appreciation day, not sure it will be celebrated in our home. That’s okay. I am thankful for the opportunity to be my child’s main educator.


  13. I would love any sort of “thank you” or appreciation gift. I’m really not picky, and it would just be sweet to know I’m not forgotten and still appreciated, even in all my homeschooling shortcomings! Hahaha


  14. I happened to have a teacher work day scheduled on Monday, and I got a break from teaching and a hot cup of tea. I think the best appreciation I would like to receive is a day in the future when my kids are adults and still thankful for this season of homeschooling. It’s a rich gift that takes effort to manage, but thank God for homeschooling.


  15. Being thankful that I have the freedom to homeschool my children, and sending them to work with my husband for “take your child to work” day 🙂


  16. Yah, for Teacher Appreciation. I think we will find another homeschooling Mama and give her a card of appreciation. I love the homeschool community!


  17. I really don’t know if appreciation is as important to me as the fruit I see in my children. When I get to the end of my journey of raising our children and homeschooling them I hope that our children will then realize how much they appreciate the sacrifice both my husband and I made for them. I have a plaque that a friend gave to me with a bible verse. It is from 1 Corinthiands 15:58 STAND FIRM Let nothing move you ALWAYS give yourselves fully to the WORK OF THE LORD… you know that your labor in the Lord is NOT IN VAIN.
    Thanks for HSLDA appreciating all homeschool families.


  18. We are celebrating by going for a nature walk and completing many life skills tasks and just spending quality time together. I am so blessed to be homeschooling


  19. It would be great to have someone else cook dinner while I take the time to read a good book. That Gloria Furman title sounds great!


    • Thank you for sharing, Stacey. Having the freedom to homeschool is definitely something we can wholeheartedly appreciate. Congratulations on winning 1 of the 5 giveaway items. You will be receiving an email from us shortly with more details.


  20. The way I would like to be appreciated this Homeschool Teach Appreciation Day is to be recognized by companies just as they do for Public school teachers. So many corporations do extras and giveaways for public school teachers, yet won’t recognize homeschoolers. I have a teacher ID, why shouldn’t I be allowed to partake?
    Besides that, from my family.. nothing is required. I have received the best gifts so far…. I got to witness their learning. The moments when learning how to read clicked and they started enjoying it. The moments when they finally figured out how to do that hard math problem. If they had been in a school room, I would have missed seeing those moments, they might have been lost on an a teacher who was too busy with other students to see it. They might have been discouraged because in the moment they felt proud of themselves, no one noticed! Those moments are my greatest reward!


  21. Celebrating homeschool teacher appreciation week with a homeschool swap yesterday with other homeschool families got rid of a lot of stuff we did not need or use and got some new treasures from other families


  22. We have been blessed to homeschool for 18 years (and we still have at least 11 more years to go!) and I have felt unappreciated many times over the years (not by my husband or children, but extended family for sure!). I want to make sure the young moms in our homeschool group feel appreciated and valued in all they do! I will be giving them all cards of encouragement and a little gift. They are doing a great job and need to know it!!!


  23. I would love to hear from my children one thing they love about being homeschooled, sealed with a kiss! To all my sisters in Christ that are on the front lines of the family/ homeschooling mission I raise my cup of strong coffee to you and say “To God Be All the Glory!”


  24. I also didn’t know that there was a Homeschool Teacher Appreciation day! I’ll have to talk to my siblings and see what we can do for my mom…..maybe we’ll do all the dishes or make dinner. I’m not sure yet!


  25. I didn’t realize it was Homeschool Teacher Appreciation day or week until this morning, which is decent timing, I think. I’m excited to have read your post; it makes me feel appreciated, as a homeschooling mom. Thank you! I will be cleaning toilets and dishes as planned, but also hope to do a little extra quality time with my boys, and finish our second to last day of school for us before a break.


    • Thank you for sharing, Christi. Sounds like a great way to celebrate homeschool teacher apprecation day. Congratulations on winning 1 of the 5 giveaway items. You will be receiving an email from us shortly with more details.


  26. I have homeschooled all nine of my children K-12. I am graduating the eighth in June. My youngest will graduate in 2019. My oldest will turn 30 this year. It hasn’t been easy! Life hit some really hard places at times, but I am so very thankful we went down this path. When my now married kids and their spouses, talk about getting ready to start homeschooling their young children, I feel so thankful, understood, and appreciated! The time we spent together is what I treasure and hold so dear every day! My older kids are now spread from coast to coast. I also treasure the “love notes” I received on some of our hardest days, telling me “thank you” for loving them and for homeschooling them! So unexpected at that moment, but a salve to this Mama’s heart! I have been listening to three of my kids talking and laughing together downstairs, and then the youngest came up to my room and said he would make the coffee for me!
    It is a great day!


  27. I just discovered it was Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day! I would take an extra hug and a “thank you” from my kids, and maybe some ice cream!


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