Mid-Winter Break

Mid-Winter Break | HSLDA Blog

Mid-Winter Break | HSLDA Blog

Winter can be hard. Especially with multiple young ones in the house. Who never leave. The cabin fever is real.

I’ve always thought it was a bit unfair of the traditional school calendar to have so many breaks in the first half of the year and so few in the second half. The stretch from January through March is particularly unforgiving. But at least most of the time you can look forward to Easter or spring break.

Mid-Winter Break | HSLDA BlogNot this year for us, though. We had a lot going on in the fall and around Christmas, so I planned even more time off than usual for the first half of the year. Still aiming to end our school year in the first week of June, however, this left us exactly one week off from January to June, and that “spring break” week is at least partially booked for achievement tests. Brilliant plan, I know.

But one of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that you can be flexible when you need to be. So one week in the middle of February, I made the executive decision to take a “mid-winter break.”

I had been planning to take off at least one day that week anyway, since it was the day of the big consignment sale where I get most of my kids’ clothing for the next season. I wanted to sell some things as well, which meant a lot of prep work that I’d planned to do over the weekend.

Mid-Winter Break | HSLDA BlogBut instead, I spent a good portion of my Saturday trying to sleep off a cold / flu. Then I mostly rested and played nurse to children who fell sick over the rest of the weekend. With at least a day’s worth of sale prep work ahead of me, a couple recovering children, a couple newly sick ones, and still not feeling 100% myself, taking a week off of school sounded like a pretty good remedy.


So we did. On Monday, I completed the prep work I had been meaning to do over the weekend.

On Tuesday, I dropped off my items at the sale and then tried to catch up a little on some overdue cleaning and organizing at home.

On Wednesday, I worked on several projects on the computer that I’d had on my to-do list for weeks (tax work for my photography business, editing a photo shoot, etc.).

Mid-Winter Break | HSLDA Blog

Thursday was the day of the sale.

Friday I decided everyone was healthy enough to do school, and we wanted to take Valentine’s Day off the following week, so we actually did do most of our subjects that day. I topped off that day with a little clearance rack browsing at Kohl’s, though, so it still felt a bit like a vacation to me!

It was a busy week, but a good one. It was refreshing to get some things done for which there rarely seems to be time in a regular school week, as well as taking a break from school planning and teaching (and whining…ahem).

Will our February break move back our school ending date? Probably. But sometimes it’s best for everyone’s sanity to take a little time off. Perhaps I will have to put a mid-winter break in the plan for next year!


Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Jessica Cole.

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