A Morning in the Life of…

A Morning in the Life of | HSLDA Blog

A Morning in the Life of | HSLDA Blog

It’s a golden fall morning and I’m ready to conquer the day! By which I mean “get a second cup of coffee.”

8:50 – 9:05: Go to kitchen. Heat up coffee. Hm, kids’ breakfast was apparently last night’s cookies. Start on dishes. Pause to note three more items we need at the grocery store. All week we’ve been running low on everything, but I’m determined to tough it out until Saturday’s big grocery trip. I feel like I ought to be keeping a daily log:

Day 1: Milk rationed. Bread low. Somebody ate all the tortilla chips. Tempers flaring, but if we can just make it to Saturday, that gold Proverbs 31 badge is all mine.

9:05: Remember my coffee. It’s still in the microwave. Give it another ten seconds. Check school planner where Darren writes everyone’s assignments for the week. Very doable today.

9:06: Coffee? Coffee! Darn it, I forgot again. Stand beside microwave this time. Take out coffee and add creamer.

Day 2: Milk gone. Creamer is very low. Might not last till Saturday. Things looking grim.

9:08: Coffee in hand, head back to my laptop to write. Pass the kitchen table on the way and notice that Ranger’s project from last night is still there. It was “science,” he said, as he industriously mixed sugar, water, flour, and ketchup. He left it to set all night. I clean out the cup, but the paper towel underneath the cup is now flour-glued to the table.

A Morning in the Life of | HSLDA Blog

Sparkler and bunny.

9:10: Sit down in front of my laptop. Take a drink of coffee. Time to write!

9:12: Suddenly remember that my whole afternoon schedule is full. Today is Bookgirl’s occasional science lab at the nearby Christian school. Half an hour afterward, Gamerboy has his fitness class. Since I can’t leave the younger ones home alone, I’ve got to have all kids schooled, fed, and ready to leave the house by noon.

9:13: Bang head on desk.

Day 4: If I go to McDonald’s for lunch, would I earn a bronze Proverbs 31 badge?

9:14: Return to living room to remind kids that we have to get school done early today. Considering that our homeschooling doesn’t kick into gear until 10:30 or 11, this is very dire news.

9:15 – 10:15: Write. Well, after I cook eggs for Ranger, visit with Sparkler as she lies on the floor petting the bunny, remind Gamerboy to start school, give Bookgirl a heads-up about the science lab, check assignments and tweak a few to fit today’s schedule, write out Ranger’s handwriting practice, check Facebook, message a friend, consider making more coffee, pick up a workbook from the floor where the bunny is snacking on it.

a-morning-in-the-life-of-2-sara-jones-hslda-blog10:15 – 10:30: Sit down and brainstorm blogging ideas. How To Incorporate Curriculum into Your Home’s Décor… Fun and Hijinks with High School Geometry… Self-Directed Science Projects for 7-year-olds… Oh, right, I still haven’t gotten that paper towel unstuck from my table.

10:30: The morning is already half-gone. I need to sit down with Ranger for his school. The full afternoon looms. Somehow I didn’t get a thing written.

Day 5: We’re even running low on time. Can I get a refill at the grocery store?

Thank God for grace, flexibility, and that He doesn’t actually keep track of whether we’re earning that Proverbs 31 badge.


Photo Credit: First and third image graphic design by Charity Klicka; all other images courtesy of Sara Jones.

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