Living for More Than Just Ourselves: An Interview with Bo Stapler | Homeschool Helpers

Living for More Than Just Ourselves: An Interview with Bo Stapler | Homeschool Helpers


Bo Stapler’s brother Jack only lived for 20 months, but he inspired Bo to spend his life helping others. Now Bo, a homeschool grad and physician, is honoring his brother’s legacy by giving his patients the treatment they need and the love they deserve. Hear Bo’s story on Homeschool Heartbeat.

Mike Smith: I’m joined today by Bo Stapler. He’s a homeschooling graduate and a doctor. Bo, welcome to the program!

Bo Stapler: Thanks so much Mike, and thanks to you and those who support the radio program for being advocates for homeschooling. I’m glad to be with you.

Mike: Well thank you, Bo. Tell us about your brother and how he inspired you getting into the medical field?

Bo: Well, my brother Jack was born when I was 8 years old. He had a genetic disorder that left him with cerebral palsy and a handful of other medical issues. He only lived to be 20 months old, which was actually longer than a lot of people expected.

But Jack taught me and my family so many things and really changed—I think mostly for the good—who I was as a person, because his life really turned out to be a precious gift. And knowing what I know now, I certainly wouldn’t trade it for anything. . . .

To hear the rest of Bo’s story, listen to his interview on Homeschool Heartbeat.

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