Helping Deaf Students Succeed: An Interview with Chelsey Cahilly | Homeschool Helpers

Helping Deaf Students Succeed: An Interview with Chelsey Cahilly | Homeschool Helpers


For many Deaf students, not even their families know sign language. This can leave them feeling isolated and lonely. But homeschool graduate Chelsey Cahilly is working hard to make a difference in these students’ lives.

Mike Smith: My guest today is Chelsea Cahilly. She’s a homeschool graduate who works as a high school sign language interpreter. Chelsea, it’s great to have you on the program today.

Chelsey Cahilly: It’s so great to be here, thanks for having me.

Mike:  Chelsea, tell us about the day you decided to become an ASL interpreter and what does that mean?

Chelsey: ASL stands for American sign language. My neighbor worked at this school for the Deaf, and one day when I was about 16 she invited me to come to work with her just to see what she did… 

To hear the rest of Chelsea’s story, click here to listen to her interview on Homeschool Heartbeat.

Many thanks to Chelsey for sharing her story! This interview is part of our Homeschool Helpers series, which highlights homeschool graduates and parents across the nation serving their communities as public servants. If you’d like to read more inspiring stories, click here.

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