Homeschooling Back on the Campaign Trail: Trump Speaks at Values Voter Summit


Presidential candidate Donald Trump mentioned homeschooling for the first time at the Family Research Council’s annual Values Voter Summit last weekend. In the middle of a discussion on education and school choice, Trump said, “School choice means that parents can homeschool their children. 100%.”  (You can watch the video below, with Mr. Trump’s remarks around the 17-minute mark. You can also search for “home-school” and read the full transcript here.)

While HSLDA has not endorsed any party or candidate in the 2016 Presidential election, it is encouraging to see a presidential candidate from one of the nation’s major political parties speak out in favor of homeschool freedom.

Will Mr. Trump’s plan extend government vouchers to homeschool families? Mr. Trump’s reference to homeschooling was in the middle of a speech laying out his plan to encourage school choice by offering vouchers for private and charter schools. While we have not seen the final plan, and therefore cannot address the accuracy of such concerns, HSLDA will continue to oppose any attempt by Congress or the executive branch to give government money to homeschoolers, because we believe this is outside the constitutional authority given to the federal government and government funds often carry stipulations that limit homeschoolers’ curriculum choices.

Mr. Trump’s reference to homeschooling marks the first time since the 2016 party conventions that any of the current candidates for President have spoken out about homeschool freedom. (Gary Johnson and Darrell Castle have mentioned homeschooling in the more distant past.)

We hope to see a continued and deepened discussion of the value and impact of homeschooling as we near the first round of Presidential debates and move toward Election Day.

For additional information about the various party platforms and candidate stances:

31 thoughts on “Homeschooling Back on the Campaign Trail: Trump Speaks at Values Voter Summit

  1. Honestly, I don’t want vouchers. Any government assistance, even if it’s just a tax break will inevitably lead to regulation. I will continue to pay usurious tax rates just to be left alone.

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  2. Trump will say anything to get elected. I can’t believe any sane person would actually vote for him, when Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party is running.


  3. We should have the freedom to do homeschooling. It’s important for all children to get a good education whether it’s a charter school or any other type of school.


  4. I am okay with the option of vouchers. I pay taxes so why can’t we get a break?!? His proposal is how our homeschool program works in California. And it’s great. And we do a lot of our own curriculum. If Hillary wins, she will mandate so much and then welcome to North Korea!!


  5. While ‘choice’ and freedom sound good in the context of schools and education, it is the bait. Education was state authority, the government took it away, regulated it, and now turned into a campaign plank, as a good thing. “We will sell back your rights of freedom, choice and what you perceive as control, for a small price. However, gov gets to approve or disapprove of what is in the program you choose.” “that’s fair, isnt it?”


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