Special Needs Conferences Coming Up in April

Conferences Coming Up in April | HSLDA Blog

Conferences Coming Up in April | HSLDA Blog

It’s that time of year again – conference time!

Although there are many wonderful, homeschooling conferences occurring throughout the country, we would like to make you aware of some opportunities that are designed especially for families who have children with special needs.

First up is the Equipping Minds Conference in Danville, Kentucky, on April 6-8. One of the great things about this conference is that it will be Live Streamed this year! That means, you can hear world renowned speakers like Dr. David Martin, Rafaele Joudry, and Dr. Tracy Alloway from the comfort of your own home.

Carol Brown, and her team at Equipping Minds, provide a unique cognitive development program designed to increase processing, working memory, comprehension, and critical thinking through a hands-on approach. Their annual conference is open to educators, parents, therapists, and other specialists who want to implement this program into their school, private practice, learning center, workplace, adult living center, church, or home. For more details please visit the Equipping Minds
Website.   http://equippingminds.com/4109-2/

Next up, is a wonderful conference held in the Washington DC area each year. The 2016 Accessibility Summit will be held on April 15-16 at the McLean Bible Church. We love this conference. The organizers invite a wide variety of presenters who speak to many issues surrounding the special needs community.  They offer three different tracks during the Summit. One track is for families of children who have special needs, another track is for ministry workers, and the third track is for professionals, educators and other providers of services to the special needs community. They have many exhibitors, both local and national, and always have excellent key note speakers. A very special aspect of this conference is their provision of child/adult care during the Friday night and Saturday sessions. This service is an additional cost, and quickly fills up. If you have always wanted to attend a conference, but haven’t because it was difficult or nearly impossible to find someone to meet your child’s needs during your absence; look no further. The folks at the Accessibility Summit have created an event with you in mind!

You may be surprised to find that your state homeschool conference is now offering child and adult care programs during their events. A few years ago, state leaders from across the country met together to learn how to organize a ‘Special Buddies’ program for families who have children with special needs. Many people left that meeting inspired and equipped to get the ‘ball rolling’ so that the moms and dads that they serve could attend workshops and visit exhibitors, knowing that their children with special needs were in a safe and secure environment. If you haven’t checked out your state organization’s conference plans yet, we encourage you to do so.

Conferences can be overwhelming, but they are also a great place to get recharged, equipped, and encouraged as you plan for next year. Are you making plans to attend a conference this year? 


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