Kasich on Common Core: “I Don’t Even Know What That All Means”

Kasich on Common Core | HSLDA Blog

Kasich on Common Core | HSLDA Blog

While Presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich has voiced support for Common Core in the past, recent comments from Kasich may suggest he’s not entirely familiar with issues he supports. At a New Hampshire Republican Party’s Presidential Town Hall on January 23, 2016, a young public school student asked Kasich for his reasons for supporting Common Core. You can check out Kasich’s response below.


Question from audience: “As a student in a well-respected public school system, I’m curious as to your reasons for supporting Common Core?”   

Kasich: “Well, I’ll tell you what I believe, and it’s not about Common Core, I don’t even know what that all means.”

“But here’s what I want in Ohio, and what I want in every state: high standards and local control at the school board level. Now let me just say a couple things here about K-12. When you and I were students, kids didn’t have do as well in school, and then they could graduate and get a job in a steel mill, a textile plant, a cement factory, a chemical plant… and then you could get a job there and make a decent living, and your spouse could get a part time job and be okay.

Well, those jobs don’t exist enough of the time, so it’s now up to the local schools—the local school boards—to begin to make sure that number one, we’re providing for vocational education…we also know that we need to begin to train our students in a much more flexible 21st-century way for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow. And it’s going to require a lot of change, a lot of flexibility, a lot of innovation.

I will bundle up a hundred and four federal programs into four buckets and send it back to the states.  Because you see, it’s not even the states that necessarily drive what we need; it’s the local school boards and the local communities. And I think what we all have to realize, we have to do our job in the local schools and the local communities because it’s about our children. And none of the politics or nonsense that happens at the local level can keep us from devising a curriculum and a path to learning, to a path to success with skills; nothing can stand in that way. You ought to run for the school board and you got to go in there with an agenda, and don’t stay too long. Go in and fix it and get out. Then you can run for city council and go fix that and then get out.”

For more information, you can check out HSLDA’s blog post detailing John Kasich’s stance on Common Core and other education issues.

—Erin Reichard, 2016 intern for HSLDA’s Federal Relations department

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