Carly Fiorina Goes After Federal Education Programs

Carly Fiorina Goes After Federal Education Programs | HSLDA Blog

Common Core has offered American voters a rare look at an issue that doesn’t meet the normal party-line support or disapproval. Republican candidates Jeb Bush and John Kasich have joined Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in voicing support for Common Core. Carly Fiorina, keeping in step with the majority of her fellow Republican candidates, hasn’t shied away from criticizing the standards.

Speaking at a campaign stop in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Fiorina didn’t hold back her disapproval of the Federal government’s role in education. She pointed out the bigger picture while discussing the role of both Democrats and Republicans in education reform efforts such as Common Core, No Child Left Behind, and Race To The Top. According to Fiorina:

“…these programs, some of them have come out under Republicans too — Common Core, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, they are all bad ideas. Because guess what they are? They are big bureaucratic programs coming out of Washington and, by the way, there are a bunch of interests who helped write those programs. In the case of Common Core guess who helped write it? Textbook companies and the testing companies. It’s all crony capitalism, folks. It’s alive and well under Republicans and Democrats.”

You can view Carly’s entire speech here: Carly Fiorina Goes After Federal Education Programs.

And be sure to read HSLDA’s in-depth overview of Fiorina’s stance on Common Core and other education issues here.

— Anthony DeFazio, 2016 intern for HSLDA’s Federal Relations department

Photo Credit: First image graphic design by Charity Klicka.

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