Ben Carson | Candidates on Common Core

Ben Carson - Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog

Every week leading up to the 2016 Primary Season, HSLDA will post a profile for one of the 2016 Presidential candidates on Homeschooling Now, highlighting where each stands on the Common Core State Standards Initiative. For more information on the Common Core, check out our free resources at



  • Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, John Hopkins University 

CURRENT POSITION: Opposes the Common Core


  • 1994: Started the Carson Scholars Fund, a 501(c)(3) that contributes money to educational programs.


“In recent years, there has been a troubling trend of the U.S. Department of Education increasingly trying to dictate how children are educated in our primary and secondary schools. This must stop and Common Core must be overturned… Our education system must be run by involved parents and engaged teachers and principals. Any attempt by faceless federal bureaucrats to take over our local schools must be defeated.”  —2015, via official campaign website

“Common Core is not school choice. I do believe in standards, but those standards obviously are set by parents and people who do homeschooling or they wouldn’t be doing so well… Our public schools need to learn how to compete with that, but they don’t need some central government telling them how to do it.”  —Response to question at the Conservative Political Action Conference, February 2015, via Christian Post

“The best education is the education that is closest to home, and I’ve found that for instance homeschoolers do the best, private schoolers next best, charter schoolers next best, and public schoolers worst.” —Speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, February 2015, via Christian Post

Ben Carson - Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog


SUMMARY: Carson has consistently opposed the Common Core and believes education should stay as local as possible.

— Andrew Mullins and Lauren Mitchell

Photo Credit: First image graphic design by Andrew Mullins; second image by Michael Vadon.

9 thoughts on “Ben Carson | Candidates on Common Core

  1. The main trend I am seeing expressed by homeschool groups are his views on mandatory vaccinations. Homeschool groups seem to recognize his support for homeschooling but our “tribe” tends to favor parental choice for vaccines as well. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I like a few of these candidates but by the time I am able to vote in the primary, a fourth are no longer on the list. Side note gripe: We should all be allowed to vote in the primary on the same day. Sigh. My two cents.


  2. I agree! Parents who give their littlest that important one on one attention. They thrive much better in all areas spiritually emotionally and physically


  3. Dr. Carson appears to have a very strong stance on the individual liberty side of education. That is a good thing, for sure. However, his positions on vaccines, which included a Chairmanship of the Board of Vaccinogen, and his position on the second ammendment disqualify him for the Executive Office. We can fight government intrusion as much as we care to through our affiliation with HSLDA, but it would be of no value if we were to surrender our second Amendment rights or our remaining healthy children to the ill and nasty affects of mandatory vaccines. We the People must stop our fascination with elitists and stardom and think of our posterity for a change.


    • So what is wrong with Ben Carson’s 2nd Amendment Position?He is solid pro-2nd Amendment. A solid footing on original intent of the Constitution. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are the best candidates for our nation. Pres and VP! I pray the Lord might give us Carson and Cruz! If Christians will vote…


      • Mandatory vaccines are a problem with Ben Carson. Parents should NOT vote for him if they want to be the ones deciding what’s best for their children. Rand Paul would make the best president out of this selection. Do your research people!


  4. I agree that he is disqualified from the list of presidential candidates, since I have also heard that he supports mandatory vaccinations/biologic warfare. The fact that he is against Common Core is good but the other issue very much overshadows it.


  5. Dr. Carson opposes common core but has gone on record saying that because vaccinations are a “public health issue”, that he would seek to override parental exceptions for any reason and make all vaccines MANDATORY, if he became president. Not cool!


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