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Transcript 101 | HSLDA Blog

All homeschool students need a high school transcript regardless of their post high school plans: 4-year colleges, 2-year community college, vocational school, trade school, military enlistment, or the workforce. If the whole concept of pulling together a high school transcript seems a bit overwhelming, then begin with this short video where Diane Kummer gives an overview of the three sections of the high school transcript.

Next, consider taking advantage of HSLDA’s High School at Home: Turning Possibility into Reality. Diane Kummer and Carol Becker, HSLDA High School Consultants, host a Teacher Training Symposium twice a year in Purcellville, VA, so please join us on the campus of Patrick Henry College.

The symposium includes a one hour workshop specifically on transcripts. If Virginia seems too far away, then explore hosting a one day HSLDA High School Symposium in your corner of the country. Diane and Carol relish these opportunities, and a modest attendance fee will cover travel costs. HSLDA helps advertise these events through their speaker calendar and targeted emails to homeschooling families within a 200 mile radius of the event. For more information on hosting a symposium, please email Diane or Carol at .

Many parents find that looking at transcript examples helps demystify the process. HSLDA offers several transcript examples on the high school website. Because there is not one standardized transcript form used nationwide, pick a format that makes sense for your homeschool.

Check out the Blank Form for Word 2010 and download it to begin the process. You can also create your own transcript template but make sure you include the pertinent information. For step-by-step instructions on how to create a transcript, read “Transcripts, Take Two!”. Your teen must have one high school transcript that lists all four years of high school even if some classes were completed at other institutions such as public school, private school, community college, online provider, or co-op classes. Members can call Diane or Carol at 540-338-5600 to get specific transcript questions answered. If you are not a current HSLDA member, consider joining.

The final step is to compute yearly and cumulative Grade Point Averages (GPAs). You will find steps to calculate GPAs in this newsletter “Computing a GPA-Yikes!”.

For an individualized touch, consider adding a word or picture watermark to the transcript. Look for this option under the Design Ribbon in Microsoft Word. Watermarks show that a transcript is an original not a copy. Some parents opt for public notarization, but this only verifies that the parents’ signatures are valid. Keep backups of the final high school transcript because adult children sometimes need them later in life. You can email transcripts as a pdf with electronic signatures or send signed transcripts via the post office by certified mail.

High school is an exciting time in your homeschool because it requires your most creative teaching and adds new roles such as guidance counselor, record keeping, and transcript diva. All along, God has been preparing you for this job, so He will abundantly supply what you need for this great work. You can do this, and Diane and I would love to help you finish well!


Photo Credit: Graphic design by Charity Klicka.

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