Carly Fiorina | Candidates on Common Core

Carly Fiorina - Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog

Every week leading up to the 2016 Primary Season, HSLDA will post a profile for one of the 2016 Presidential candidates on Homeschooling Now, highlighting where each stands on the Common Core State Standards Initiative. For more information on the Common Core, check out our free resources at



  • CEO of Hewlett-Packard (1999-2005)
  • U.S. Senate Candidate from California (2010)

CURRENT POSITION: Opposes Common Core

PAST POSITION: Supported Race to the Top and student data tracking programs.


“We need to provide more parental choice, so our kids have a chance. Common Core does not help us do that.” Interview with Fox News Sunday, May 2015

“Jeb Bush is dead wrong on a couple issues. He’s dead wrong on comprehensive immigration reform. He’s dead wrong on [SUPPORTING] Common Core. He’s dead wrong about government being too powerful. I think government is too powerful, I’m not sure he believes that.” Interview with Laura Ingraham, April 2015

“I don’t think Common Core is a good idea. I don’t support it, by the way, I think the facts are clear, the bigger the Department of Education becomes, the worse our public education becomes. So there is no connection to spending more money in Washington and a better school system. In fact, there is every connection between giving parents choice and having real competition and having real accountability in the classroom. I also think the argument for Common Core is frequently ‘oh we have to compete with the Chinese.’ I have been doing business in China for decades and I will tell you that yeah the Chinese can take a test, but what they can’t do is innovate. They are not terribly imaginative. They’re not entrepreneurial, they don’t innovate, that is why they are stealing our intellectual property. One of the things we have to maintain about our school systems comes with local control is to teach entrepreneurship, innovation, risk-taking, imagination, these are things that are distinctly American and we can’t lose them.” Interview with Conservative Blog Caffeinated Thoughts, January 2015

Carly does not support Common Core. As she has said, there is absolutely no evidence that the work of a big, centralized bureaucracy in Washington makes things better. … Her support for state-based accountability measures in 2010 was about implementing education reforms that encouraged more accountability and transparency at the state level. Common Core, which wasn’t implemented in California until this past fall, has been a set of standards created in DC and driven by the education-industrial complex seeking to commercialize our students. Frankly, the two aren’t even close to the same thing. Carly favors state driven accountability, which she did in 2010 and she does now. That is emphatically not what Common Core has been or become.” —Fiorina’s communications director, Sarah Isgur’s Interview with Conservative Blog Caffeinated Thoughts, January 2015

Carly Fiorina - Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog


SUMMARY: Fiorina originally supported the Race to the Top grant programs. However, as the Common Core was launched and the standards grew into a federally-incentivized program, she backed away from her support. She has since made it clear that any attempt of the federal government to take away educational choice is wrong.

— Andrew Mullins and Lauren Mitchell

Photo Credit: First image graphic design by Andrew Mullins; second image by Gage Skidmore.

2 thoughts on “Carly Fiorina | Candidates on Common Core

  1. Federal control of our children’s education has ALWAYS been unconstitutional and perverse, not to mention counter-intuitive and counter productive. Every Republican knows this. What was motivating Mrs. Fiorina before her recent enlightenment? While I am happy for Mrs. Fiorina that she has seemingly left the dark side for the light, one has to wonder if she is pandering for votes like most of our politicians.

    Should Mrs. Fiorina become the Republican nominee, then everything is moot. Because our Constitution guarantees to every state in the Union a REPUBLICAN form of government, every vote for a Democrat is a vote to shred the Constitution. If Mrs. Fiorina becomes our first female President and compromises her new found Constitutional Republicanism to the evil mob rule that is Democracy, then we will just have to send her packing like we did to the Congressional Democrats.

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