Ted Cruz | Candidates on Common Core

Ted Cruz - Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog

Every week leading up to the 2016 Primary Season, HSLDA will post a profile for one of the 2016 Presidential candidates on Homeschooling Now, highlighting where each stands on the Common Core State Standards Initiative. For more information on the Common Core, check out our free resources at HSLDA.org/CommonCore.



  • U.S Senator from Texas
  • Solicitor General of Texas (2003-2008)

CURRENT POSITION: Opposes Common Core


  • 2013: Cruz cosponsors resolution at the Republican National Convention to oppose Common Core; signs letter to the Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Appropriations Subcommittee calling for the defunding of Common Core.
  • 2014: Cruz cosponsors Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Senate Resolution 345, denouncing the coercion of states into accepting Common Core.
  • 2015: Becomes the first Republican to announce candidacy for 2016 Presidential election; is first to sign the Eagle Forum STOP Common Core Pledge; cosponsors Sen. Vitters’ Local Control of Education Act, prohibiting the government from mandating specific academic standards.


“We need to abolish the Department of Education.” Speech at Conservative Political Action Committee conference, 2013

“I don’t think the federal government has any role dictating the content of curricula. I think education is a state issue and a local issue, and ideally at the local level, because that way parents can have direct input and control of what’s being taught to their kids.” Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators, March 2014 via Radio Iowa

“We need to repeal every word of Common Core.” New Hampshire Republican Party Conference, April 2015 via Politico
“Instead of a federal government that seeks to dictate school curriculum through Common Core, imagine repealing every word of Common Core.” —Speech at Liberty University, April 2015 via Washington Post

Ted Cruz | Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog


SUMMARY: Ted Cruz has remained consistently and strongly opposed to Common Core.

— Andrew Mullins and Lauren Mitchell

Photo Credit: First image graphic design by Andrew Mullins; second image by Gage Skidmore.

20 thoughts on “Ted Cruz | Candidates on Common Core

  1. Ted Cruz is the only tried, tested and found still standing conservative. He is the guy we can trust to appoint judges who will uphold the law and the Constitution.


  2. Ted Cruz is the best candidate to run for President in my entire lifetime…and I’m almost 64. He memorized the entire US constitution, before even starting his first job in government service.


    • Senator Ted Cruz did NOT VOTE in December for the final passage of the federal education bill ESSA, The Every Student Succeeds Act. He could have voted no, but he didn’t vote when this piece of federal legislation solidified Common Core in every state. This contradicts that he wants to get rid of Common Core — because in the end he did nothing to prevent it from happening.

      I also did not hear Senator Cruz debate the parts in the legislation that removed states’ rights. As a “Constitutional” Attorney Senator Cruz did not say ONE WORD about the loss of 10th Amendment State Sovereignty Rights. The ESSA law removes and dissolves legislative states rights through this federal education legislation. The legislation requires that when a state puts the ESSA federal legislation into their budget, state legislatures must completely abide by the federal Common Core mandates. This creates a constitutional crisis. Senator Cruz did NOT mention this vital section in the bill. Not once.

      His silence is deafening on many of the Constitutional issues within the ESSA federal legislation. Senator Cruz is helping the greedy corporations. AND even if he abolished the Department of Education he wouldn’t be able to get rid of Common Core even if he wanted to, which he doesn’t, no matter what he says. The Department of Health and Human Services will have more power over schools under health and mental health through Obamacare. Promise Neighborhoods, initially funded by ObamaCare, are funded to turn your neighborhood school into school-based clinics. Federal health and mental health goals for your children coincide with Common Core subjective/non-academic standards. Essentially, schools become part of a “medical model.” Why would this be a good thing and why does Ted Cruz not have a problem with it?

      I could go on and on. Even Ted Cruz’s proposed Choice Plan. S 306 is the plan to totally control all children in every school in the United States by using Title I and IDEA for federal school CHOICE. Even homeschoolers won’t be safe after it’s implemented.


  3. Ted Cruz is my pick for Prez. I watched his “filibuster” all night long until he stopped. He was as gracious and intelligent every moment as he was the moment he began. He makes the most sense to me. The criticism of him being a first term Senator like the current President, let’s face it, Senator Cruz has been much more engaged than just being “present”. The references to him being the most hated man in the Senate are actually encouraging. If he was compromising, Co sponsoring bad bills, being in with the crowd, would you really want him as your President? I’d love to know what his I.Q. is.


  4. Common Core is NOT a federal program, and even if Cruz were elected, he would not be able to “repeal” it – unless he were to use the Department of Education.


  5. Glad to hear Cruz does not support common core. I wish HSLDA academy felt the same. Seems to me their AP American History class is gladly following these standards. I thought my kids would at least get the true perspective from the lecture through their master teacher. No such luck! What a disappointment. When asked for footnotes and bibliography for the lecture,the answer was years of research or something to that affect. What a shame. Wake up, our country needs patriots. David Coleman is the president and CEO of the college board. The same David Coleman responsible for writing the standards for Common Core. Spurgeon says it best, “And pray thee to put far from me such a love for the tree of knowledge as might keep me from the tree of life.”


  6. The common core was put into place by some of the richest people in the world. It is taught all over the world and is to brainwash the children into tolerance; tolerance of the liberal government, teachings of ISLAM, and memorizing not thinking. Our children are becoming little robots for the up coming One World Order run by the UN and Satan

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  7. What about bill S 306? I can’t find anything about HSLDA’s stance on this. Ted Cruz sponsored this but it appears to put homeschoolers under federal regulation.

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  8. God Bless Ted Cruz!
    Lord Jesus I call on you to make Ted Cruz our 45 president of the United States Of America!
    We are fighting against principalities not just evil men so I call on You Lord Jesus to make it happen.


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