Republican Presidential Debate Viewing Guide

Republican Presidential Debate Viewing Guide | HSLDA Blog

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28 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Debate Viewing Guide

    • The vaccination issue is an important one, but I would hope that we as citizens would look at the LARGER picture of what’s at stake when we elect a new leader–there are huge issues of national security and safety, issues of family and morality, freedom of religion, etc. We all have our sacred issues, but please.


      • This is a core problem that some evidently have in that they think vaccinations win out over freedom to choose for yourself and children. What will Carson for ex., oppose next or insist on next that interferes with our freedom? You mention the bigger picture and I agree with that in general, however…once you have a vaccine damaged child or if your work involves working with vaccine damaged children, you realize that the loss of that child or the permanent damage to that child….becomes a person’s WHOLE picture. Freedom is a huge issue and if we lose out freedom to choose our medical care…..what is next? It is a philosophical problem…………….


  1. You need to do your research, huckabee is not against common core! He uses double speak and changes the name but he has given private speeches in favor of common core.


  2. I also, would like to see a column showing their view on mandatory vaccinations. This is a HUGE blow for parental rights! Extremely important for all parents, whether they realize it yet or not.


  3. People I WON’T be voting for:

    Jeb Bush
    Chris Christie
    Ted Cruz
    Carly Fiorina
    Mike Huckabee
    John Kasich
    Rand Paul
    Marco Rubio

    Proud Homeschool parent and Christian that loves America!


    • OK, to all who responded to my earlier comment. I am open to Ted Cruz (but don’t see him making the final cut). Definitely NOT open to Rubio or Fiorina. Rubio is pro-amnesty and his position keeps changing — I don’t trust him. Fiorina’s position: ‘Mrs. Fiorina, who is running for the GOP presidential nomination, also said she could support giving those who “have come here illegally and stayed here illegally” legal status.’ I’m aware of Trumps issues as well, but I like his no-nonsense approach to things and to making this country #1 and great again (no thanks to current person living in the White House). Trump is getting all the attention and looks to get the nomination if he continues in the ratings. I’m just thankful the “old lady” is not doing so well and Jeb is also tanking. Bottom-line, we don’t need another Bush nor Clinton in the White House ever.


    • I completely agree. For example, their stance on national defense and budget issues could hugely affect the next generation – and the next (if there is one…)


  4. I would like to know where to find more supporting information for your grading of “supports homeschool”. I don’t think it’s fair to make a blanket statement like that without supporting documentation.


  5. Agree with others. It is important to see where candidates stand on vaccinations, stance on constitution, and other liberty issues.

    I was completely shocked by Chris Christie’s comments where he supported violating the Constitution for “security”.


  6. I’m not sure the information regarding Christie opposing Common Core is accurate. I know personally for a fact that Christie and Jeb Bush met with the governor of my state along with key legislators to promote it in TN.


  7. Hi Jeff,

    I hope you are not going to vote for Scott Walker because he wants to bring back the draft immediately if he is elected. For all of us homeschooling parents who have sons, this is something to think about. Renee


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