Jim Gilmore | Candidates on Common Core

Jim Gilmore - Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog

Every week leading up to the 2016 Primary Season, HSLDA will post a profile for one of the 2016 Presidential candidates on Homeschooling Now, highlighting where each stands on the Common Core State Standards Initiative. For more information on the Common Core, check out our free resources at HSLDA.org/CommonCore.



  • 68th Governor of Virginia
  • Chairman of the Republican National Committee (2001)
  • Attorney General of Virginia (1994-2001)

CURRENT POSITION: Opposes Common Core


  • 2002: As Governor, Gilmore implemented the Virginia Standards of Learning, continuing an initiative started by predecessor George Allen.


“I’m against Common Core and I feel very strongly about it. And the reason is that I had the experience with this. I know what this is really about. Education is absolutely a local function. That’s where the parents and the teachers know what the demographics of their kids are like and can tailor the education in the best possible way to their kids.
And the state can offer that support the way that I did when I was governor. But I’m going to tell you, you can’t run this out of Washington, D.C. You just can’t. Who’s going to be the national school board? The Internal Revenue Service? Who? Who?
Right today you can have experimentation at the state and local level. You can understand what works best for people. What works best in Chicago may not work best in Alabama and you can find out the right kinds of solutions and that experimentation can go on and we can all rise together with new and innovative ways of educating. You put in Common Core and that ceases. At that point Washington, D.C. is deciding for themselves. …Children’s best interests are served by education being closest to the people.” –Interview with WMUR in New Hampshire

Jim Gilmore - Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog


SUMMARY: As Governor, Jim Gilmore implemented the Virginia Standards of Learning, a wholly Virginia-based set of standards, which the state continues to use as an alternative to the Common Core. Gilmore is against the Common Core Standards.

— Andrew Mullins

Photo Credit: First image graphic design by Andrew Mullins; second image by Jim Cole, AP.

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