Rick Perry | Candidates on Common Core

Rick Perry | Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog

Every week leading up to the 2016 Primary Season, HSLDA will post a profile for one of the 2016 Presidential candidates on Homeschooling Now, highlighting where each stands on the Common Core State Standards Initiative. For more information on the Common Core, check out our free resources at HSLDA.org/CommonCore.



  • 47th Governor of Texas (2000-2015)
  • 39th Lieutenant Governor of Texas (1999-2000)
  • 9th Commissioner of Agriculture of Texas (1991-1999)
  • Texas House of Representatives (1985-1991)

CURRENT POSITION: Opposes Common Core


  • 2009: Gov. Perry rejects federal Race to the Top Grants [RTTT] for the state of Texas.
  • 2013: Gov. Perry signs HB 462, banning Common Core from the state of Texas


“The RTTT application penalizes those states that will not commit ‘fiscal, political and human capital resources of the state to continue, after the period of [RTTT] funding has ended, those reforms funded under the grant.’ This provision would ultimately cost local school districts and Texas taxpayers billions of dollars. RTTT also effectively mandates adoption of unproved and yet-to-be-completed national curriculum standards being developed through the Common Core initiative, as well as yet-to-be-developed national tests. States agreeing to adopt these national curriculum standards would be hamstrung from adopting their own, more comprehensive standards.” —Letter to Arne Duncan, January 2010 via Office of the Governor Website

“It’s a 10th Amendment issue. If you want Washington, if you want to implement their standards, that’s your call. In Texas we had higher standards. We had higher standards than No Child Left Behind. We certainly had higher standards than (Common Core) so it was a very easy decision for Texans, myself and the Legislature included, to basically say we still believe that Texans know how to best run Texas. That the Texas Legislature, that the Texas School Boards, the Texas teachers, we collectively know best how to educate our children rather than some bureaucrat in Washington.” Business Roundtable in Altoona, IA, August 2014 via Truth in American Education

“Common Core is every bit as problematic as Obamacare.” New Hampshire Republican Party Conference, April 2015 via Politico

“I don’t think there is much of a role at all for the federal government. I think your governor, your legislature working with your school administrators, your teachers, your parents—substantially better place for curriculum to be developed than a one-size-fits-all out of Washington, D.C.” —New England Council’s “Politics and Eggs” event, Manchester, New Hampshire, March 2015 via Forbes

Rick Perry | Candidates on Common Core | HSLDA Blog


SUMMARY: Rick Perry is one of the few candidates who have opposed Common Core since it was first proposed in 2008. He has consistently opposed federal intrusion into education, rejecting federal funds when it requires giving up state sovereignty over local issues.

— Andrew Mullins and Lauren Mitchell 

Photo Credit: First image graphic design by Andrew Mullins; second image by Gage Skidmore.

6 thoughts on “Rick Perry | Candidates on Common Core

  1. Rick Perry is the governor that signed mandatoy Gardasil vaccination into law, in violation of actual law. It was overturned, but the damage was done to many girls in the meanwhile. Bad dog.


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