CLOSED || GIVEAWAY | Back to School

Congratulations to Eileen Curtis for winning one complete set of Leland Ryken’s Christian Guides to the Classics! Thank you to everyone else who participated. Be sure to stay tuned, as we will be having many more giveaways on the blog!

Back to School GIVEAWAY of Leland Ryken's Christian Guides to the Classics| HSLDA Blog

With the school semester starting soon, we thought we’d kick it off right with a giveaway!

Leland Ryken’s Christian Guides to the Classics are sold in the HSLDA Store. And coming August 31, we’ll be adding his 2 newest books! But you, readers, get the chance to win the entire set (10 books total, $40 value) right here on the blog, before the books are sold in the HSLDA store!


We’ve all heard about the classics and assume they’re great. Some of us have even read them on our own. But for those of us who remain a bit intimidated or simply want to get more out of our reading, Christian Guides to the Classics are here to help.

Back to School GIVEAWAY of Leland Ryken's Christian Guides to the Classics| HSLDA Blog

Christian Guides to the Classics are short guidebooks, where popular professor, author, and literary expert Leland Ryken takes you through some of the greatest literature in history while answering your questions along the way. Each book includes

  • Includes an introduction to the author and work
  • Explains the cultural context
  • Incorporates published criticism
  • Defines key literary terms
  • Contains discussion questions at the end of each unit of the text
  • Lists resources for further study
  • Evaluates the classic text from a Christian worldview

This complete series is sold in the HSLDA Store, along with other inspirational and educational resources for you and your family!

An Introduction to Leland Ryken’s Christian Guides to the Classics from Crossway on Vimeo.


To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below (or email with your favorite item from the HSLDA Store! Once you’ve commented, you can choose from other optional steps below (simply select the Rafflecopter Giveaway link) to gain more entries into the giveaway. These extra options will increase your chance of winning.

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163 thoughts on “CLOSED || GIVEAWAY | Back to School

  1. We love so many items at the HSLDA store! One of my go-to books is “What Your Child Needs To Know When” by Robin Sampson. It is a great resource and helps this ‘box ticking’ mom to ensure that we are filling all the buckets.


  2. Although I have read many classics, it has been so long, I know I could use some help. The Christian guides to classics will be most helpful not only in refreshing my memory, but also adding the Christian view point that didn’t get to examine going through public school.


  3. I sure could use help in the classics arena. What a great resource! My favorite find from the HSLDA store is Constitutional Literacy as well.


  4. I love the book “Our Constitution Rocks!” and the Constitutional Literacy program. They are awesome ways to teach our kids about what their constitutional rights really are and how to stand up for them!


  5. This sounds so helpful. I’ve never been good at pulling all the “deep” meaning out of literature so having guides like this would be wonderful.


  6. There are a lot of great products in the HSLDA store, but it would be incomplete without the Student and Teacher ID’s. Homeschool students and teachers should receive the same discounts that other card carrying kids and adults receive. Thank you HSLDA for recognizing that and providing the opportunity.


  7. Leland Ryken’s Christian Guide to the Classics would be a great addition for the entire family and more so for our high school daughter and her History subject😄


  8. I like using the book Children’s Atlas to God’s World for my kids elementary social studies. It is a beautifully illustrated book and can be partnered with a parent lesson planner sold separately. My kids enjoy learning about other nations and cultures, including their location, food, language, flag, and customs.


  9. I like Constitutional Literacy the best in the hslda store! But there are so many great products that it is hard to just pick one! Love the Giveaway Also! Good luck to everyone!


  10. I’ll be honest: I’ve never even looked in the HSLDA store before now. After a quick perusal, I’d have to say that I most like the book about Creature Poems and the Constitutional resources by Michael Farris. Thanks for the giveaway!


  11. I love the “Famous Homeschoolers” kids t-shirts! I got 4 of them for my younger children, and they wear them all the time. It’s a great way to promote homeschooling in a positive, fun way.


  12. Our favorites are the student ID services and Dr. Carson;s You Have A Brain and Constitutional History books I am teaching 5 teens on a very low budget and hope to find a way to Add textbooks for class for low expense


  13. Dr. Ryken was one of the great professors when I was going to Wheaton College. I am glad I can share some of his insights with my children through these guides. I have used Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Christian Guides to the Classics)
    by Leland Ryken
    It would be wonderful to win this set and use more of these gudes as a family.


  14. I am a new homeschooling mom and I have not looked at the store as of yet, but I will in the future 😊 Thank you HSLDA for your dedication and support!


  15. Reading the classics is one of those things I really want to do with my kids, but it can be intimidating trying to explain something I struggled with myself as a kid in public school. Thanks for providing resources like this to help parents!


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