5 Reasons HSLDA is Ready for Hillary

HSLDA — ready for Hillary?

Yes, you heard right. But it’s not what you think.

As the 2016 presidential race kicks into high gear, candidates are working overtime to win over their base with attractive policy ideas and legislative initiatives. Platforms during the primary process can be particularly telling of how the candidate will act to woo a certain voter base when in the White House.

When it comes to educational policy, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has been outspoken. Between work as a U.S. Senator and writer of It Takes a Village, Clinton has given us a crystal clear view of her policy priorities regarding homeschooling and parental rights.

Here are five quotes that tell homeschoolers everything they need to know about where Hillary Clinton stands:


At an April 14th round table, Hillary Clinton said the following about education, “How did we end up at a point where we are so negative about the most important non-family enterprise in the raising of the next generation, which is, how our kids are educated?”

HSLDA believes that for homeschoolers, education and the family are inseparable. Parents are the most powerful influence in a child’s life regardless of whether children are educated at home, public, or private school, and they know what is best for their children. By advocating for strong federal legal protections for homeschoolers, such as the preservation Section 9506 of No Child Left Behind in current legislation, we are helping to insure that education can continue to be a family enterprise without federal government interference.


In 2013, Hillary Clinton launched the Too Small to Fail initiative, a program aimed at advocating for educational programs for children from birth to five years old.

It is no secret that Hillary Clinton has been a fan of universal pre-k for a long time. In the 2006 introduction to her book It Takes a Village (originally published in 1996), Hillary Clinton claimed, The case for quality early education and programs like Head Start is stronger than ever, and we should be expanding them.”

Clinton’s effort to promote schooling for children from birth to 5 is certain to become a centerpiece of her 2016 campaign, just as her proposal for a $10 billion pre-k program was a major piece of her 2008 campaign.

HSLDA believes that the growth of federal involvement in early education is dangerous to parents who are trying to do what is best for the education of their children. Educational opportunity for children should be encouraged, but not at the cost of parental rights. Increasing federal growth in programs like Head Start will put pressure on states to expand and increase enrollment in their early childhood education programs.

>> HSLDA Director of Federal Relations Will Estrada on Head Start.


If the Common Core State Standards had a godmother, it would be Hillary Clinton. Ever since National Center on Education and the Economy president Marc Tucker began working with the Clinton administration in the 90s to advocate for national standards, he has received an attentive ear in the former first lady.

Even in today’s election field, Clinton is willing to defend the intrusive standards, “When I think about the really unfortunate argument that’s been going on around Common Core, it’s very painful, because the Common Core started off as a bi-partisan effort — it was actually nonpartisan.”

HSLDA has strongly opposed the Common Core State Standards from the very beginning. We work on the federal level to support legislation that works to scale back federal use of tax dollars to incentivize states into adopting the standards.  At the state level, HSLDA is heavily involved in lobbying for state bills that end the Common Core State Standards. So far in 2015, we have lobbied for federal legislation like the LOCAL Level Act that will explicitly prohibit the federal government from financially supporting the Common Core State Standards, curricula, or assessments.

For more information on the Common Core, visit HSLDA’s Common Core microsite and watch Building the MachineHSLDA’s groundbreaking documentary featuring education experts and parents whose children have experienced the Common Core’s impact firsthand.


As a first lady, United States Senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has spent her share of time interacting with the United Nations. While most of her work has been in support of treaties like CEDAW and CRC, she has done her share of work in favor of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) during her tenure as secretary of state. As recently as 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke out in favor of Article 23.1.b. of the UN CRPD, which states:

“1. States Parties shall take effective and appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities in all matters relating to marriage, family, parenthood and relationships, on an equal basis with others, so as to ensure that:

The rights of persons with disabilities to decide freely and responsibly on the number and spacing of their children and to have access to age-appropriate information, reproductive and family planning education are recognized, and the means necessary to enable them to exercise these rights are provided;

Secretary Clinton went on record to defend the reproductive planning language in the UN Treaty before the G8 Foreign Ministers meeting in Gatineau, Canada, claiming, “‘Reproductive health’ includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.”

While the idea of promoting equal rights and protections for disabled persons sounds like a great idea, the actual content of the UN CRPD threatens homeschool and parental rights and will over ride existing state laws if ratified by the U.S. Senate. Furthermore, many of the protections contained in the UN CRPD are already included in U.S. law as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

>> Read Mike Farris’s breakdown of the UN CRPD here.


For the past 32 years, HSLDA has been fighting for the rights of homeschoolers at the state, national, and international level. So far in 2015, HSLDA has reviewed thousands of bills and, you can read about 6 types of those bills here. No matter who wins the 2016 presidential election, HSLDA will continue to watch out for homeschoolers and preserve the power of parents and families to do what they know is best for the education of their children.

So yes, we are ready for Hillary- ready to fight educational policies that endanger parental rights and promote government intrusion into the home. We are grateful for your membership in HSLDA, and together, we will stand against any politician who tries to threaten our God-given fundamental freedoms.

-Andrew Mullins

57 thoughts on “5 Reasons HSLDA is Ready for Hillary

  1. All you conservatives are the same – narrow-minded bigots who can’t see progress even if it hits them over the head. Hillary is the future of this country, and the key to securing the progression of mainstream liberalism. Anyone who believes in homeschooling as just as backwards as someone who opposes abortion – how dare you oppress someone’s rights like that!
    Spare me with your partisan attitude. Liberalism and its acceptance of all people (except for those who don’t agree with us) is what will carry America into a bright future, not barbaric practices like homeschooling.

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    • I can see you have a good head on your shoulders. Hopefully we can make these fools rethink their worship of close-minded ideals with our comments! That’s a guaranteed way to further the dialogue between liberals and those too stupid to realize we’re right.


    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahyour joking right?hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahthats the best joke I heard all day hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!


    • Are you familiar with the story of the Pied Piper?

      I will follow Hillary nor her counterparts — no where.

      And neither should you.


    • Really? The most narrow minded people I know are liberals. (except for those who don’t agree with us). Your quote, not mine. I am willing to listen to other ideas and discuss them peacefully. Are you?

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    • if liberal is accepting others, you are not very liberal to accept those who want to home school. But then logic doesn’t seem to be top on your lists of abilities. Let me guess, you went to public school. Hmmmmm, exactly why home schooling is attractive.


    • How can you speak of homeschooling with such negativity? You are obviously uneducated as to the topic. Public schooling is a considerably new concept. Each of our founding fathers were homeschooled. And please do not claim that we are infringing on your rights or taking away your rights when we are protecting ours! How dare YOU attempt to control our rights. Hypocritical much?!


    • Conservatives dont mind progression..its the destructive progression they have a issue with…and if you have a open mind didy and read more carefully with what there saying ..its about keeping freedom for everyone even for the sheep..


    • So, we can kill our children, just as long as we don’t try to educate them. Got it. The “rights” you speak of are clearly only “rights” if they are the actions and ideals you yourself agree with. Sorry, that’s not how rights work.

      BTW, not all of us who homeschool, oppose Common Core, or see Hillary Clinton as the very WORST thing for our country and our freedoms, are conservatives. Spew your own bigoted garbage somewhere else.


    • Dear sir; We are for liberty and lots of it. You and people like you have no business telling parents how to raise or educate their the children. God help us all if Hillary is indeed, the future of America.


    • “not barbaric practices like homeschooling” ” how dare you oppress someone’s rights like that!”@didymunstentwentyfour. Are you for real? You said both these things in the same breath. Your entire thought process is an entire contradiction. Where’s the candid camera? God help Hillary if she has people like you voting for her.
      Bernie Sanders doesn’t even address is thoughts about homeschooling, he just gives some random story about a Baptist family, and their strict religious views. Evasion is makes me thinks he isn’t for it.
      Personally, I don’t want he government controlling education within my own home. Power to the people!


    • My 16 year old, who was homeschooled and maxed out her college entrance exams and is excelling far beyond her publicly educated counterparts, laughs at your rant


      • hello all,
        this is a response to let you know that my comment was written in COMPLETE sarcasm. the writer of this article is one of my best friends and i wanted to troll him.
        i was homeschooled all the way from kindergarten to twelfth grade and i firmly believe it is the best educational practice we can give to our children.
        and no, i ain’t votin’ for Hillary – i literally wrote this comment to mock the mindset of so many progressives who are my age who have their heads screwed on backwards.
        i apologize for the confusion, but some of your responses did make me laugh, admittedly.
        also, tarnish watson was me too.

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    • Thank God for the HSLDA and their hard work in defending what makes America, the land of the free. It is because of people like those at the HSLDA, who fall into the classification of “the brave” that we can still enjoy a free country. Keep up the good work guys!


    • “Barbaric practices like homeschooling,” would you care to explain how teaching our children is barbaric? Scroll through Facebook and you will see the need for homeschooling. Most young adults with a public high school education can not spell simple words correctly, much less use proper grammer. Even basic grammer is often elusive.


      • I’m unsure where the actual hillary supporters are, since I only seem to see them online, but in person. But all they seem to do is spout angry information that can’t be backed to push their agenda. They all have one common theme, anger. Im sorry if you feel abortion is unjust for you, but you are thinking to much about you, not the un on baby who doesn’t have a voice. Home schoolers statistics test higher then public schoolers, and they are currently more preferred by colleges because they tend to be more well rounded. They think outside the box and thrive better overall then most public school students. There’s are more stitistics about this at homeschoolparentsconnect.com


    • In response to your comments, homeschooling can be extremely beneficial to some children. In the example of my child in particular, the public school system in my rural area was failing my child due to her being a Type 1 Diabetic. She spent at least 75% of her school day back and forth to the nurses office, causing her to get extremely behind in her classes. My child is an exceptional learner and I am not a conservative, I am actually for the candidate with the best policies not just voting for one side or the other. Public school was leaving my child behind and causing her to not reach her full potential. In no way is homeschooling a barbaric practice, we spend all day with our children, teach them based on their particular strengths and weaknesses and not all of us choose to only teach biblically, in fact, I keep my child taking the same courses she would in public school with the same books, other than her math books, which are highly advanced to public school standards. My child scores in the advanced and highest level possible on her standardized testing, when I pulled her out of public school she was failing. You shouldn’t judge all homeschooling families critically unless you understand why most of us homeschool in the first place, some of us it’s for medical reasons, or that public schools in our areas or too dangerous or not up to par, it should be our right to make informed decisions on HOW our children are taught and by what is best for each child. I have two children, one in public school who also excels and one who is homeschooled who excels, both are extremely intelligent, however their individual needs greatly differ. I am not trying at all to be combative towards you, I just want to inform you that home education is best for some children and not others, just like charter schools, private schools, and even public education. Any politician should take this in consideration before judging based on the very few bad homeschooling parents, most of us only want what is best for our children and for the ones of us who do practice homeschooling correctly and in our children’s best interest this should be a right that we continue to have without unjust judgement from people who do not understand homeschooling families, why they do it, and with the untrue assumption that public schools are what’s best for all children because this is completely unjust. We live in the one nation of freedom and freedom to choose shouldn’t be limited to aborting children you don’t want but also to children who are loved and wanted by their families who only want what is best for their children’s education and future!


    • +didymustentwentyfour
      So, your problem with people that are anti-abortion is that they are imposing their right on the mother? What about the baby having its rights squashed and denied? Sounds a little hypocritical


    • So you believe it’s ok to kill a baby. Let me tell you one thing, when a woman gets pregnant she has rights, but so does that child she carries. Your progress is nothing more than the spread of evil and devilish things.


  2. All you conservatives are the same – narrow minded bigots. Anyone who supports homeschooling is as stupid as someone who argues that pro-choice is “evil.” Mainstream liberalism is the way to go – our universal tolerance is what will carry America into its bright future. Hillary for President!!!!


    • If you truly believe in “universal tolerance” you should tolerate HSLDA’s dislike of Hillary Clinton and not say anything. Also, “narrow minded bigots” isn’t exactly the language I would expect from someone carrying us into the bright future, but that’s just me.


    • Hablas porque no has vivido en carne propia la libertad de poder darle a tu hijo una enseñanza excelente en el hogar..y tienes miedo a lo diferente…cuando mi hijo lo atropello un vehiculo no pudo seguir asistiendo a la escuela su vida dio un giro de 360 grados y tuve que yo misma darle las clases en casa ,ya que no había maestro disponible para ayudarlo..muy limitado la educación..cuando hay condición medica..así que si no hubiera sido por las clases que un día tome para darle clases a mis hijos …como educadora..mi hijo seria uno mas sin estudiar y graduarse.. Tengo dos hijas ellas siguen en el currículo normal..excelentes en sus estudios..pero las oportunidades son para todos..y si podría dejar de tfabajr para darles clases en casa lo haría al 100% porque de verdad..funciona y crea un vínculo de familia..que no tiene comparacion..mi cuñada es maestra Bd y mis tres sobrinos toman homeschooling ella dejo su empleo y les da clases a ellos..creo ha sido la LA mejor decisión de su vida..son un hermoso ejemplo cada caso es individual..pero . Debería intentarlo.. .en mi opinión..aunque respeto la suya..buen día..


    • Tarnish, I don’t argue that pro choice is evil.I argue that the ripping of a baby from the mothers womb is evil.it is your choice to do so but please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me it is ethical. Yes, it is your choice but I can disagree and speak the truth about the nature of the procedure. As far as homeschooling is concerned, I do it because of the sub par education in my district and the apathy that exists within the administration. I have seen it all. Teachers drinking in the classroom, security guards dating students,employees being sexually harassed by principals, and death threats being tossed around on Facebook. I homeschool with a mainstream curriculum because my children need a fighting chance. It would be abusive to leave them in a system that is so corrupt and apathetic. I am currently working on my degree in education so that when the time comes for physics and anatomy to be taught, I will be prepared. I would send them back to school in a heartbeat if things were different. I wish there was a political party for people with common sense. I didn’t teach my child that killing babies is wrong. I simply taught her about choices and consequences. Intelligent people whether religious or not in the still of the night would do well to remember the aborted babies silent cries. As for those who would think that I am on your side, you are wrong. I am on the side of intelligence without malice,pride, or gain.Stop being for and against just for the sake of argument.If you are for choice please advocate for safer practices and prevention to make it rare.If you are for life start a movement and commit to providing for the babies before and after birth in love. Lose the judgement.You are all right in your own eyes.


    • Gotta love these comments! Because believers advocate for their beliefs and rights, people have a problem with it. Free will goes both ways. We won’t shove our beliefs down your throat, so don’t try and shove any of your beliefs down ours. How about that?


    • Not all homeschoolers are conservatives. There are liberals who homeschool their children because they do believe that parents have a right to homeschool, regardless of where they stand politically. To lump all homeschoolers in the conservative bucket seems very “narrow-minded” to me.


  3. Sounds like you die-hard liberals went to the same class on Internet Bashing for Complete Morons. You love everyone who is “Accept Everybody Unless You Disagree With Us Then You’re A Bigot.” You proudly throw the “bigot” word whenever you get the chance because it’s SO en vogue right now. I have the right to homeschool just as much as you have the right to an abortion. I’m just glad the right I’m fighting for is focused on building up my child’s life, rather than destroying it before they’ve even had the chance to live.


  4. I have a feeling that the “pro-liberal” comments have been posted tongue in cheek. If not they are still entitled to their opinion, however name calling is not the best way to make a point.


  5. I think it’s important to realize many people are not interested in homeschooling, and many parents need to work in order to keep their family solvent. Offering quality public education to preschoolers does not in any way impinge on our ability to keep our kids out of those schools. To be opposed to quality preschool education is simply being spiteful against people who need it.

    Mr. Mullins failed to in any way elucidate how the UN treaty impinges upon homeschooling rights. Someone being guaranteed access to birth control in no way means I can’t homeschool my sons. Those 2 issues are completely unrelated.

    As to the first point stated above: for the vast majority of families, school is in fact the most important non-family enterprise we engage in. It’s ridiculous to take that statement and twist it to mean she is against homeschooling. If you want to “prove” that Hillary (or anyone) is against homeschooling, why don’t you find a quote where she says she’s against it? If you can’t find one, why not email her campaign asking how she feels about it? If you assume that every single politician who has ever said something to the effect of “with the exception of church and home, school is the most important thing we do,” you will have to assume that pretty much every single politician ever is against homeschooling.

    Rick Santorum stated:
    “Schools [are one of] the most fundamental institution of society for three reasons.
    Like the family, schools are directly involved in the raising of children, which is always the central task of any society.
    Because it is impossible to raise a child in a genuinely value-neutral way, schools are–like churches–value-transmitting institutions.
    Schools are enormous generators of social capital, bringing parents, families, and whole communities together in a common endeavor.” Oh my Lord! That dude think schools transmit values and help raise children are necessary to bring families together! Down with Santorum! Oh, wait, he’s a homeschooler who simply RECOGNIZES THAT NOT EVERYONE DOES WHAT WE DO AND THAT SCHOOLS ARE IMPORTANT.

    Bush is stridently in favor of Common Core, and has said “Harvard Kennedy School researchers analyzed the impact of the class-size amendment in 2010 and found it did not improve student achievement.” Ooh, he must be against our homeschool small classrooms! Down with Bush!

    Dale Christianson: With regards to education, said “It is parents, together with the educators they choose, who will solve those problems” Down with that dude! Let’s ignore the fact that he’s also said he supports homeschooling. Quoting people out of context really is the way to go.

    I could go on and on.

    I don’t understand why the comments on this are so aggressive and unkind. Please remember that Democrats are also homeschoolers (I am one, and know many others), so when you talk about homeschooling rights, you can’t just assume that “liberals are out to get us.” Liberals ARE us, folks.

    One of the main things I try to teach my kids is that the only person responsible for your actions is you. When Son #2 hits Son #1, and then says he did it because Son #1 took his toy, my response is always “He should not have done that, but you can’t hit people. The only one responsible for your hitting is you.” This is the same. The only person responsible for your words is you. Being a jerk and then blaming it on the liberal jerk just makes you an jerk.

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    • Maggie, I’ve never met a homeschooling parent who was opposed to the existence of public schools. The reason they oppose universal pre-K programs is that “universal” means everyone. Optional programs too often become mandatory.


      • Well, Abba, see the comment of MamaSue below, Now you’ve “met” one. However, never in what I wrote did I say that HSers are against public schools. I simply said that to crucify Hillary Clinton because she said schools matter, is silly, because all politicians say that, because they do matter. And it’s ridiculous to say that “universal” means you can’t opt out. The existence of religious and other private schools proves that under no circumstances will people ever be required to enroll their kids in public schools. Are you afraid all the Catholic schools in the country will be closed tomorrow because they attached the word “universal” to the pre-k program? “Universal” means “universally available,” not “private and home schools can all burn in hell.” The truth is, this article is pure paranoia. However, the torrent of acerbic comments and insults aimed at people like me, justified because one person made one bad comment above, is really unjustifiable in kind circles. I’d never say the things about conservatives, that all these people said above about liberals, and I’d certainly not say those things and then blame others for my own words.


      • I live in a state with Universal Pre-K and it is not required for all to attend. The use of Universal in the educational context means it is available free of cost regardless of income or ability, unlike Head Start.

        If you understand that, it is just like public school, available to all.

        Currently children 3+ are able to attend pre-school programs free of charge if they have significant delays and go through the exceptional student intake program.

        I believe Mrs. Clinton was saying that access to these programs should not be limited to those below the poverty line, those with extreme delays, or those who can afford to pay for it themselves; but to all.


    • “Offering quality public education to preschoolers does not in any way impinge on our ability to keep our kids out of those schools”

      If I have to pay HUNDREDS of dollars every year in property taxes to support public schools it DOES impinge on my ability to educate my children at home.

      Why should it be my responsibility to pay for another child’s education? Or worse yet why should I have to pay for them to be indoctrinated with the government agenda, liberalism and lack of morality with which I COMPLETELY disagree?
      Many people do not HAVE to have both parents working to keep their family solvent. Many people use the public education system as a babysitter so they can go to work to pay for things they don’t really need but want.
      If there wasn’t a built-in free daycare for anyone who wants it then maybe fewer people would divorce, knowing they wouldn’t be able to handle it on their own.
      If children need a quality preschool education, the last place I would send them is a public school.

      Your kids = your responsibility.

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      • A lack of public schools leads to a country whose citizens cannot read or write or do basic math. Kids end up illiterate criminals, and then we have to pay to keep them in prison. School is not only cheaper, but demonstrates a normal and appropriate level of compassion for other human beings.

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      • While I am not in favor of mandatory preschool (for a lot of reasons), I do support funding public schools with my tax dollars as a homeschooler, and here is why:

        1) Not all parents can homeschool financially. While there may be plenty of problems with public school, at the end of the day, all children should have the opportunity to learn basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. An educated society is a stronger society.

        2) Not all parents SHOULD homeschool. Not everyone has the stamina, desire, capability, or necessary diligence to teach their kids. Sometimes there’s just a complete personality conflict between parent and child. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and that is not intended to malign non-homeschoolers in any way. It just isn’t an ideal for their particular family unit. They should still have an option to educate their children. I’d much rather see a kid in public school than a kid sitting at home not learning because their parent only schools halfway.

        3) The kids in public school will be the generation working alongside my children someday. No matter how people choose to educate their kids, each child will likely end up as an adult. Even if I think the education isn’t great, at least they have the opportunity to get some basic skills. I’d like these schools to be as good as possible to turn out good children.

        As far as the article goes, the Democratic Party has long made it clear that they are not in favor of parental choice, be it in schooling, vaccines, or discipline. They want us to capitulate to the all-wise nanny state. They do not consider us intelligent enough to make choices for our kids. So yes, I am uncomfortable with any candidate or party with a history of trying to excessively control parental choice.


  6. Have you even looked into some of GOP’s stance on homeschooling as well????? Yeah, some of them think kids need to be shoved into school, too. I hope HSLDA isn’t supporting this erroneous article!! It’s very misleading, and full of crap, basically. Or, better yet, it’s just not professional journalism.


    • Well, I’m an hslda member, and they sent it directly to my email, so I assume they support this article’s ideas. More sensationalism than journalism, to be sure. I think it’s important to teach our children the difference, so I’m a bit surprised an organization that supports high educational goals would choose to publicize this.
      I do hope most of the organization is capable of being more objective and thorough in their research, than this article would suggest. I, also, hope we are not bombarded with one-sided political articles until the election.
      Perhaps, this article is in response to the concern from Republican members, and they simply want to quell their fears, should it begin to look like Clinton will be the next president. I suppose that is rather kind of them, but I wish they wouldn’t sell us all short, in the reasoning department.
      And yes, I do realize that I support an organization that leans far more toward the religious right, than I am fully comfortable with. There is simply no pro-homeschool service, that I am aware of, that will provide the legal protection for homeschooling I deem necessary for my family.


      • Sorry, meant to say “no other pro-homeschooling service”, not “no pro-homeschooling service”. I must learn to edit before posting.


  7. Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others make take, but as for me, Give me liberty or give me death! ~ Patrick Henry

    What do you possess that is more intimate and personal than your own mind and thoughts? How can you entrust something so dear and sweet to outsiders with agendas? Why would anyone at any cost offer their children’s mind to the government or ANY corporate institution? If it cost me EVERYTHING, I will control and decide for my children what their eyes see and what their ears hear. I realize that it very well could come to this, but ONLY over my dead body will anyone other than myself educate my children. Is a comfortable or prosperous life for yourself so important that you would hand your child to someone else to rear? Please don’t hand me that “not everyone can do it or afford it” crap. Sacrifice for your family or don’t start one. For as long as you give your mind to others to educate, expect to be their slave. No thank you! Not me or mine!

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  8. tarnished watson… “Anyone who supports homeschooling is as stupid as someone who argues that pro-choice is “evil.”

    I guess this could be rephrased with amplification of your terms “homeschooling” and “pro-choice:”

    Anyone who supports the education choice that is proven by far the best for highest scoring, best socialization skills, and citizens of the most productive output is as stupid as someone who argues that murdering innocent children in the womb is “evil.”

    so, thank you, tarnished, I will accept being called stupid any time with your lame comparisons.

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  9. Will you also be critiquing other presidential candidates or have I joined a partisan homeschooling group? This critique is critical but one sided and predetermined (meaning, it seems the author went looking for quotes to support his ideas), which makes it lack credibility for those of us seeking a homeschooling advocacy group and not a partisan platform.


  10. Many of these commenters sound as scary as Hillary Clinton. The facts remain: She and her husband Bill made millions at the expense of our national security by selling uranium to our communist enemies–an act of Treason that our founding fathers would have taken seriously–and yet, she expects us to “trust” her with our country’s security, our children, our constitutional rights?! I will not vote for a Traitor!

    Has anyone noticed or remember that the reason our economy is in such a horrific state is because President Clinton signed G.A.T. and N.A.F.T.A–this is why there are no jobs in the U.S.–because our companies cannot and could not compete with China’s imports.

    We don’t need more of the same–we need a bold, righteous, and wise President that will support us, our economy, our constitutional rights and freedoms, and build our Country up again to where it used to be “before” the Clinton’s! Yes, you heard me right–“before” the Clinton’s, the United States was strong–with President Reagan. If you youngsters don’t remember President Reagan, then you may want to do some research and discover that I am correct–History doesn’t lie.

    You may want to research what a “Communist” is too–someone who doesn’t want citizens to have any constitutional rights–but instead mandates that citizens adhere to the President’s “agenda.” And what “agenda” is that? Are we to become another Nazi Germany with a ruler like that of Hitler–a President who mandates that citizens adhere to his (or her) personal “agenda” verses having constitutional rights and freedoms? And who wins in that scenario–not the people–only the President and the Government who wields their power upon a powerless society. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO INFRINGE UPON MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!

    I am also highly concerned about the prevalence of drug activities occurring in our Country since at least 2006. Who, when, and why hasn’t sufficient action been taken to curtail it? Who is going to take the “bull by the horns” and be brave enough to wrestle with that? I’ve been WAITING for that answer a very long time and I will be watching the candidates closely–I sincerely believe we need a Republican now to tackle these severe problems.

    Oh, by the way, did you know that drug addicts are trouble-makers? Yes–so the ugly, nasty comments made by some of you should chew on your own words a little before you so readily spit them out like the possessed demon you sound like.

    I’ve seen the effects of severe drug activities in our own County for the last 9 years and it’s ugly indeed. If not stopped soon, it will destroy us all and our Country along with us.

    If anyone disagree, at least be civil about it–that’s what freedom, respect, wisdom, and integrity is all about–that’s what our Country is supposed to stand for.


  11. I enjoy your opinions for this subject matter. Many children loathe school
    with a passion.

    Quite often they’ll end up so discouraged that they will lose
    all interest in activities that they used to enjoy.

    Assuming they actually possessed a choice, they might become significantly more happy.
    As opposed to being forced to go on attending, they must
    be in a position to decide to stop.

    It is honestly cruel – and If only way more parents would discover it!


  12. My home schooled kids are more socialized, far more educated and cared for than many public school kids. For someone below to state it is barbaric states their lack of knowledge. It’s proven that homeschooled kids score better on the pre-college testing, more on social skills, are more emotionally stable and even do better in college than their public schooled peers. They even perform better than the best private schools. Infact most of the top colleges pick homeschool ed students FIRST in their choice because they know the proven track record of how well those students do.
    Educate before you bash.


  13. As a homeschooler that fully supports Hillary Clinton I can honestly say none of those things scare me.

    I am more scared of groups that are pushing a socially conservative, pro religious agenda.


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