A Stronger Nation Starts in Your House and My House

A Stronger Nation Starts in Your House & My House - MG - HSLDA Blog

Hi homeschooling moms! I hope that you’re having a great day so far.

Today, I’d like us to think about the most influential women in America today—moms! Now I’m not trying to flatter you, but just want to make the point that raising a family is a key component for the success of society, and one that (although is often taken lightly by our culture) is absolutely crucial.

I almost have to laugh when the papers talk about influential institutions, important programs, and key people in the highest positions of office. As if everything can be fixed by all the above!

I believe that the most important things in the world are happening around our own kitchen tables while we’re teaching from God’s word. And, moms—we’re a part of building and maintaining the foundation of our society—the home. It all happens here! So take heart and realize the key role that you play.

In our homeschool, whether it was visiting Annapolis to learn how laws were passed, seeing how our town elected its mayor, or helping with Santorum’s Presidential campaign during most of their senior year, I always taught the twins to get involved in having a voice as citizens and made sure I taught them that we are the government!

Being involved in several campaigns, the twins got to see first hand how government works, how to be good citizens, and how regular folks and grass roots efforts really do make a difference in society. In Austin and Justin’s sophmore year of high school, they got involved with Generation Joshua which was a neat experience for both of them, and something I highly recommend for teenagers.

Now my purpose isn’t to tout the benefits of a course in American Government or to tell you to get your kids involoved in this or that. My purpose is to simply encourage you as you manage the most important facet of society—the home! Look what’s happening at our homes—we’re educating our children, and bringing them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Nothing could be more important. And I always take comfort in the fact that in the Scripture, the Lord Jesus Christ never turned a mother away. And He won’t turn us away either.

So keep being a great mom, and remember how important your position as a mom really is!

Keep on,

-MaryAnn Gaver

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